Whiteley Handcrafted Carbon Steel Scissors

12th April 2024

If you’ve never heard of Whiteley scissors before, you might want to get acquainted with them by reading this short piece on our website HERE.

As a quick refresher for the rest of us, William Whiteley & Sons design and manufacture hand-crafted scissors in Sheffield, England using traditional techniques passed down for centuries.

Like any premium quality, artisan crafted tool, they are unlike any other pair of scissors you have ever used.

This week we’ve re-stocked supplies of their iconic sewing shears and legendary epaulette embroidery scissors, plus we’ve added a new star performer, the rose gold embroidery scissors.

10” Sewing Shears

The moment they arrive you’ll know you’ve made the right decision. Presented in stunning packaging, you carefully remove them and feel the weight and quality in your hand.

The Whiteley sewing shears even feature a cleverly designed handle that is angled in such a way to allow the shears to cut flat along a table so as not to disturb the fabric.

Left-handers rejoice – these 10“ sewing shears are available in both LH & RH configurations.


Wilkinson 10″ Black Sewing Shears – Right-Hand


Wilkinson 10″ Black Sewing Shears – Left-Hand

Embroidery Scissors 

Whiteley’s epaulette and rose gold scissors are the Rolls Royce equivalent of your general purpose embroidery scissors, thanks to the quality of craftsmanship used to individually handmake each pair.

Some things have to be experienced to be appreciated… click below to order your experience now


Whiteley Embroidery Scissors – Epaulette

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Whiteley Handcrafted Carbon Steel Scissors

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