About Us

Needlework – such a magnificent pursuit

It draws you in with luscious silks, beguiling ribbons and shimmering beads.

Needles glide with precision, threads dance – yielding to the skill of the hand.

The rhythm of the stitch soothes your senses, lifts your spirit, nourishes your soul and ignites your passion.

It calls to us. It compels us to stitch… and stitch we do.

We stitch our stories, we stitch our love, we stitch our pain, we stitch our dreams.

We stitch and it makes the world more beautiful.

Inspirations Studios – inspiring the world’s most beautiful needlework

Inspirations Studios has a rich history forged with needle and thread. A tapestry of needlework publications spanning over 30 years that have delighted, motivated and led the needlework community on a journey of discovery, wonder and awe.

You may know us as Inspirations Magazine, Beating Around the Bush, All Stitched Up!, Embroidery News, Australian Smocking & Embroidery, Stitch.ology, or even Country Bumpkin.  Today we are simply Inspirations Studios, home of the world’s most beautiful needlework magazine and books.

Join us… it won’t be the same without you!

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