Whiteley Handcrafted Carbon Steel Scissors

28th October 2022

If you are going to create the world’s most beautiful needlework, why not surround yourself with the world’s best tools?

This week we’re introducing Whiteley scissors to our online store. If you’ve never heard of them before, they have a very impressive credential statement:

Since 1760, William Whiteley & Sons have been designing and manufacturing beautifully hand-crafted industrial scissors in Sheffield, England; the birthplace of stainless steel.

Their range of scissors are handmade by craftsmen using traditional techniques passed down for centuries.

You’ll appreciate just how good they are the moment you feel the weight of them in your hand. And then there is the clever design.

These premium quality fabric scissors feature a handle that is bent upright that allows the shears to cut flat along a table, therefore not disturbing the fabric as you move along, offering a straight and accurate cut line.

We have 10” Black Wilkinson scissors available in both right-handed and left-handed models to cater for every need.

Wilkinson 10″ Black Sewing Shears – Left-Hand

William Whiteley & Sons
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Wilkinson 10″ Black Sewing Shears – Right-Hand

William Whiteley & Sons
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