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How Do I Print My Pattern Sheets So They Are Full Size?

On some digital patterns, the designs and illustrations supplied for transferring onto fabric are laid out on oversize pages. As these pages are larger than A4 / US Letter, when printing normally everything will be reduced in size and scaled down to fit on the page. To avoid this, we recommend you print oversize pages using the tiling method feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Tiling ensures oversize pages print at full size (100% scale) by breaking it up across multiple sheets of paper (a bit like a jig-saw puzzle) that you then tape together to create a full-size pattern sheet.

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and page down so the oversize pattern sheet you want to print is displayed on screen. Click ‘File’ then ‘Print’ and choose ‘Current Page’ under ‘Pages To Print’.
  2. Under ‘Page Size & Handling’ click ‘Poster’ and make sure ‘Tile Scale’ is 100% and in the dialog box called ‘Overlap’ we suggest you enter something like 1/4 inch or 5mm which means it will repeat that much of the pattern on each page to enable you to line up all the pages and ensure it’s the correct size when taped together.
  3. Press ‘Print’ and your printer should now print the pattern across multiple pages at full-size (100%).

This tiling method of printing is only available in Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10 or above. To ensure you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from Adobe HERE.

If you need further help printing your pattern sheet, you can read more about tiling on the Adobe page HERE or feel free to contact us anytime.

Why Are There Images Missing From My Digital Pattern?

If the images or text in your digital PDF download file are not displaying or printing correctly, please ensure you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it for free from Adobe HERE.

How Do I Access Digital Download Files I Purchase?

Once you have finalised your purchase, a link to download your digital patterns will be provided for you on screen plus an email with links will also be sent. To view the product, click the links under Product, to download the PDF, click the links under Download.

Alternatively an easy way to access digital patterns you purchase from us at any time, is to log into your account on the website by following these instructions:

  1. Log into your account HERE
  2. Enter your user name, which is your email address Enter your current password, or click ‘Lost your password?’ to re-set it.
  3. Once logged in click on ‘Downloads’ and you will see a list of all the Digital Patterns you have purchased.
  4. Click on the name of the pattern in the box under the Download column and a PDF file will begin downloading.

I Am Having Trouble Downloading or Accessing My Digital File

If you have purchased a digital download file from us through this website, have clicked on the download link provided and are having trouble accessing or finding the file, first check your Downloads folder in the web browser you used to make the purchase. All files purchased through the Inspirations Studios website are PDF files, so you are looking for a .pdf extension or icon.

If you have purchased a Digital Book, the file size can be quite large and therefore may take some time to download. To open the PDF file, you will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your device, which you can download for free here If you need further help to print your pattern sheet, please contact us anytime.

When I Buy Something, How Will It Appear on My Credit Card Statement?

Any purchases you make from within the Inspirations Studios website will appear as Inspirations Studios Corporation Pty Ltd. Subscription payments will appear as Inspirations Studios Corporation Pty Ltd.

Where Will Products I Order Ship From?

Most of the products you purchase from this website will be shipped from Australia, and therefore you should allow 7-14 days for any domestic customers, or up to 21-28 days for international customers for your products to be delivered. Some recent issues of Inspirations are stored in our warehouses around the world and therefore we will ship them to you from the mailing house nearest you to expedite delivery where possible.

Why Isn’t Everything Available Digitally?

We are currently working through our vast back catalogue of books and magazines and constantly adding new patterns and publications. If there is something you are specifically looking for, please contact us and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Why Aren’t All Your Books Available?

Some of our older books are currently out of print and we’re working on bringing them back either as a physical copy, or we’ll be adding them to our Digital Books library.


We make every effort to ensure your parcel is packed and shipped as quickly as possible. For shipping of orders within Australia please allow at least 7 to 14 working days. For shipping of International orders please allow at least 21 to 28 working days.

Orders containing a backorder item will be sent as soon as the backorder item is in stock. If the current order and backorder are requested to be sent separately, additional postage cost will be charged.

While we make every effort to ensure your parcel arrives at the correct destination, there are a number of factors outside of our control. In situations where your package has gone astray because we have made a mistake with your address, we will ship the package again free of charge, but the responsibility for supplying the correct address does however lie with you, the customer.

Inspirations Magazine Subscription FAQ's

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about subscribing to Inspirations Magazine, including pricing, billing frequency, billing dates and dispatch schedules, can all be found on our Subscription FAQ page.

Who Is Inspirations?

Inspirations Studios Corporation Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our brands include Stitch.ology, Country Bumpkin, Australian Smocking & Embroidery (AS&E), Beating Around the Bush, the world famous A-Z Series and our flagship product, Inspirations Magazine, which together have been global leaders in needlework books, magazines, kits, events and retailing since 1985.

Today we are simply known as Inspirations and are home to the world’s most beautiful needlework publications.

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