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24th March 2023

Casting Back

As we went to compile this week’s Have Your Say, we were surprised to see how much time had passed since conversations were begun that we’re only just getting around to continuing. So, we’re going to ask you to cast your minds back as we continue the dialogue!

All Stitched Up! issue #366 posed a question from Stephanie as she sought a finishing technique that would encase and protect a piece of embroidery so that it could be used as a trivet. As is so often the case, there was someone in the Inspirations Community who was able to point Stephanie in the right direction.

The ever informed and always willing to take the time to share, Roberta, had several suggestions – Sudberry House in the US or a local woodworker may be able to provide a ready-made solution. She also provided instructions for a DIY project that would fit Stephanie’s bill perfectly; by purchasing a frame that is large enough to cover the embroidery with glass, drawer handles can be added to the side of the frame and/or small wooden knobs can be placed on the base as feet so that the ‘trivet’ is easily set down and picked up, all whilst keeping the embroidery safe under the glass.

Always a wealth of information Roberta! Once again, we appreciate you taking the time to join in on the conversation.

Also in issue #366, we reminded our readers about the Embroidered Panel Display Boxes we have in stock (pictured above) to house your finished work with needle and thread. This reminded Christina about a box her husband made many years ago.

‘The commission arrived with a cross-stitched initial, which was to be incorporated into the top of the box. The box itself was to contain the ashes of a much-loved grandmother and mother. The initial had been stitched by the granddaughter and whilst it didn’t quite reach the level of some experienced stitchers, it had obviously been made with love. The box was beautiful, and the clients were very happy.’

Christina, it would have been an honour for your husband to be a part of such a significant and personal commission, and one that clearly left an impression with you.

Casting your minds back even further to ASU #359, you may recall that Marjorie was approaching the stitching at the bottom of her husband’s family crest and wasn’t sure which to tackle first, the lettering or the ribbon. After receiving some much sought after stitching advice in ASU #362, Marjorie has emailed with an update on her progress with needle and thread.

‘I originally painted the crest in oils many years ago and it hung on my husband’s office wall for many years. After his passing it could not be found, so two years ago I decided to attempt replicating the crest with needle and thread using both cotton and silk threads.’

‘My problem was resolved by stitching the yellow background then overlaying the letters written on ‘wash away’ and stitching through it.  

This Christmas, finally finished, I gifted it to my son who proclaimed it a family heirloom!

I am turning 87 this year and this might well be the last project of this size and importance that I am able to accomplish.’

Marjorie, that is an incredible legacy to create with needle and thread. It is indeed an heirloom that will be passed from generation to generation… dare we say, for generations to come!

Although that brings us to the end of Have Your Say for this week, it doesn’t quite bring us to the end of the emails we’ve received. So stay tuned in the coming weeks as we ask you to cast your minds back once more as we continue to continue the conversation!

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