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17th February 2023

Conversational Conversations

One of the many things we love about working at Inspirations HQ is hearing from friends, both old and new, through the many emails we receive each week.

Sometimes the emails are ‘administrative’ in nature as they seek to enquire about an order or a subscription, whilst at other times they’re purely conversational as the dialogue within starts or continues a discussion, many of which we just can’t think of keeping to ourselves! 

Enjoy the highlights of our most recent conversational conversations…

Stephanie is particularly taken with the three tiles – Iznik, Deerfield and Delft – that appeared in A Fine Tradition and is hoping someone in the Inspirations Community is aware of a finishing technique that ‘encases and protects a piece of embroidery so that it can be used as a trivet’ as not only does she think they’d make unique gifts, but would also be a beautiful addition to any table.

Iznik Tile | Deerfield Tile | Delft Tile

If you’re able to point Stephanie in the right direction, we know she’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and Stephanie, you absolutely remembered correctly that there is a second Margaret Light book coming.

In fact, the advance copies have only just arrived and we think A Fine Tradition 2 might be even finer than the first!

You can even pre-order your copy today to ensure it ships upon its release in April.

After worrying that the time she’s spent with needle and thread will while away its life stored in a plastic tub, Carol has determined to finish her projects in a way that ensures they’re useful, not just for herself but for the generations to follow. As a result, Carol has countless coasters, boxes and goldwork ornaments that are equal parts form and function.

Having also recently considered the fate of the household linens she’s collected, stitched and been gifted, Carol took to needle and thread once again and reimagined them into a quilt knowing that may well mean they survive another generation or more.

Although it seems Carol has ideas aplenty, she’s still interested in how the Inspirations Community considers the ways in which their stitching will not only survive but thrive in years to come. If you have any other ways of finishing your stitching that ensure a storage tub is nowhere to be seen, simply email news@inspirationsstudios.com

Cristina wrote in to share how she puts her orts to use at the end of each year.  

Throughout the year, Cristina collects the threads that are too short to use again in a box with the intention of filling a ‘leftover ball’ to hang on her Christmas tree each year. A stitched tag ensures each year is marked and remembered by the stitches laid throughout it.

That’s it for this week, but we know the next conversation isn’t far away, and we just can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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