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2nd December 2022

A Gown, a Recipe and a Couple of Queries

Having read Thuy’s query in All Stitched Up! issue #353, regarding the gown in ‘The Gown’ by Jennifer Robson, Jo Ann was able to help point Thuy in the right direction.

Jo Ann recalled that Ann, one of the characters in the book, describes working on the train as she ‘turned under the edge of the satin by the tiniest amount’. The description of which reminded Jo Ann of needle-turn appliqué.

A close up view of Queen Elizabeth II’s train does in fact appear to show that the embroiderers who worked on the gown attached satin flowers to the tulle using this method. Pearls and crystals, along with silver threads, were then used to embellish the flowers.

If you’d like to know more about needle-turn appliqué, Jo Ann also pointed us in the direction of a demonstration HERE.

From an historical fiction book to a recipe book…

Jane wrote in with the recipe she originally used while teaching Elementary School to inspire her students’ creativity. Since then, she has discovered that many adults have found inspiration using the same technique with needle and thread and hopes it encourages all of us to play with colour.

A Recipe for Colour Play

  1. Visit a fabric store, or search your stash, to find a fabric that has colours that you have always admired but never thought to use together.

  2. Choose threads, beads or sewing thread from your collection that are the same as the colours in the fabric you chose. 
  1. Choose patterns or iron on transfers that you have collected over time but were never sure how to put together in an embroidery piece. The colours that you have selected should tie the different motifs together to make a cohesive piece.

  2. If you really like the fabric you chose, you might even use it to construct the finished piece.

Jane, your finished ‘dish’ shows just how well your recipe inspires the use of colour and pattern! It’s a recipe for success that will point even the most timid creative in the right direction.

From play to feeling a little overwhelmed…

Marjorie has spent the last two years working on embroidering her husband’s family crest, which she admits has been ‘a rather daunting job’!

She’s now approaching the bottom of the crest where a ribbon shaped piece holds a Latin motto. Marjorie is planning to use gold thread, or gold coloured thread, for the ribbon and black for the letters, but before embarking on the stitching was hoping for a little advice.

‘Which do I do first?! The gold and try to space and form the letters properly or the letters first and attempt to stitch around them with the gold?’

If you have any words of wisdom for Marjorie, we know she’d love to hear from you! Email us and we’ll be sure to pass them on to her.

We close this week’s Have Your Say, with a question from Terry, who’s hoping someone from the Inspirations Community might have the information she’s looking for…

‘I use small, purpose made ‘Ziplock’ bags to store my DMC skeins. Most of them have holes in the corner to enable you to place the bag on a ring and carry the threads needed for a particular project. I love these bags because if I have small lengths of threads left over, I can just put them in the bag and not worry about them getting lost. I can also write the number of the colour on the bag, so even if the tag gets lost, I know what colour the thread is.’

However, after trying many ways to store the bags, Terry’s found they’ve all come up short. She’s sure she’s not the only one using this method of storage and emailed in the hope someone can help her solve her storage dilemma.

‘Does anyone know if a case, drawer or box to place these bags in, in numerical order, for storage and easy access exists?!’

Whether you’re able to point Marjorie or Terry in the right direction, would like to continue one of the many conversations we’ve started in All Stitched Up! or have a conversation you’d like to begin, we’d love to hear from you! We’ll be on the lookout for your email…

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