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16th July 2021

As the current generation of stitchers, we have been blessed immeasurably with some of the most skilled and creative needlework designers of all time.

When it comes to counted thread work, there are very few artisans who have created a rich and vast body of work to rival that of Betsy Morgan.

And while we have all enjoyed seeing her work over the years showcased through publications such as Inspirations magazine or through attendance at her workshops, in case you missed the news, Betsy just recently announced her retirement.

To celebrate Betsy’s outstanding career and ensure her legacy is preserved, Inspirations Studios has been privileged to publish not one, but now two books featuring some of Betsy’s most popular and remarkable projects, with today being the official launch of Willing Hands 2.

Willing Hands 2 picks up where Willing Hands 1 left off, but this time with another 10 glorious, counted work designs all in Betsy’s characteristic style, all of which are guaranteed to be a joy to stitch.

Inside Willing Hands 2, at the beginning of each project, Betsy shares with the reader a little of the back story as to where she was and why she created each piece.

In doing so Betsy lets us in on how her own remarkable needlework journey unfolded throughout the years.

The best part however is that Betsy guides us through the creation of each project step by step, including her incredible construction process, all the while the pieces are showcased using glorious close-ups and detailed photography.

Mermaid Bag Etui

Ready-to-Stitch kits for all 10 projects are currently being sourced by our kit team, however as with everything in the world at the moment it’s just taking a little longer than any of us would like!

That said, when ordering your copy of the book from our website, check out which kits are available for pre-order now, and keep an eye on this newsletter for announcements as the rest of the designs are released, hopefully over the coming weeks. 

Willing Hands 2 is a fitting bookend to a long and magnificent career, and although all of us in the needlework community will miss Betsy immensely, we’re sure you’ll join us in wishing her all the very best for her well-deserved retirement. 

Exact Change Etui

Order your copy of Willing Hands 2 today (and Willing Hands 1 if you don’t already have a copy!) to ensure you don’t miss out on this last opportunity to enjoy the fabulous needlework of Betsy Morgan.

Willing Hands 2

Betsy Morgan
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Willing Hands 1 Kits

Meanwhile, as we’re all waiting for Willing Hands 2 kits, we’re thrilled to let you know that do we have Ready-to-Stitch kits for all 8 projects from the first Willing Hands book available to order.

With many of the Willing Hands 1 kits selling out early on, we know there were a few disappointed stitchers out there who missed out, so if that was you, thank you for your patience and hopefully today is your lucky day.

Each Willing Hands project includes a wealth of delightful little extras and surprises, so every kit contains all you need to make the entire project, accessories and all.

The Swan’s Bower Etui

Order your Willing Hands kits today ahead of the Betsy Morgan mania due to kick in anytime now…

Willing Hands

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