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Willing Hands 2

The remarkable legacy of Betsy Morgan continues with a brand-new collection of enchanting etuis.



Following on from the international success of Betsy’s first book launched in 2019, Willing Hands continues, with the release of a second title featuring 10 new projects.

Worked in counted thread techniques using hand-dyed silk threads, Betsy’s stunning work boxes and accessories are embellished with exquisite motifs creating a rich tapestry illustrating her life stories and experiences.

10 beautiful etuis and 24 coordinating accessories, each with colour charts to guide every stitch. Detailed instructions are provided for every step from stitching to construction.

Featured Projects

'Willing Hands 2' features the following projects:

  • Bee Contained Etui
    Hexagon box etui celebrating bees with motifs and form. Accessories include skep-inspired pincushion, needlebook, ruler in metric or imperial measurements, thread winder and scissor fob.
  • Gathering for Winter Etui
    Cylinder box etui showcasing a busy squirrel’s acorn collection. Accessories include a needlebook, pincushion, scissor sheath and scissor fob.
  • Virgin Queen’s Stitching Pocket
    Pretty pocket with twisted cord closure, with colourful, Elizabethan-inspired designs and whitework techniques. The cover opens to reveal a needlepage and silk pocket. A matching scissor fob completes the set.
  • Bristol Bag Etui
    Stunning red and white linen bag etui featuring a sampler alphabet, spot motifs and English paper piecing. Accessories include a needlebook, pincushion, thread winder and scissor fob.
  • Exact Change Etui
    Biscornu-shaped etui with an exuberance of counted thread stitches to explore. Accessories include a needlebook, scissor fob and miniature biscornu-shaped pincushion and waxer box.
  • Good for the Goose Box
    Sturdy, three-sided box inspired by migrating Canada geese. Each side of the box features a variation of the goose motif, and the flight of the geese is reflected throughout the design.
  • Cardinal Pocket
    Captivating pocket designed to be worn as a handy necklace, keeping stitching essentials close by. Opens to reveal a silk lining with pockets and a needlepage.
  • Mermaid Bag Etui
    Linen bag etui with enchanting mermaids and sea-themed spot motifs. Accessories include an orts pot fitted to the base of the bag and matching scissor fob.
  • Tasmanian Needle Tidy
    Beautiful folding etui with twisted cord closure. The cover encloses needlepages and an embroidered pocket. A matching scissor fob completes the etui.
  • Holbein Hexagon Etui
    Hexagon box with silk pincushion lid showcasing Betsy’s favourite stitching technique with Tudor-inspired motifs. The box panels are tied together with silk ribbons and accessories include a needle book, scissor sheath and scissor fob.

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Additional Information

  • Product Type
  • Designer
    Betsy Morgan
  • Technique
    Counted Thread Work
  • ISBN
  • Dimensions
    28L × 24W × 1.5H (cm)
  • Weight

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