What Are You Stitching?

12th April 2019

After talking about travel in the opening paragraphs of this week’s newsletter, issue #181, we came across some stitching that has been inspired by, or stitched, during the travels of our Inspirations Community…

Ann Bernard

‘My stitching is a collage of the incredible city of San Diego in California which has got to be one of my favourite cities! This was stitched in 1984 from a design on a black and white poster we found while visiting. It is still looking as fresh as when it was first stitched. I live in Ontario, Canada and am a friend of Peggy Kimble.’

Ann, what a fabulous reminder of a fabulous city – and to think it all began with the inspiration from a black and white poster. Oh, and make sure you give Peggy a hug from us next time you’re with her!

Dianne Fishel

‘I’m from Boulder, Colorado in the USA and stayed in St. Kilda, near Melbourne in Australia for several months while my husband was getting surgery on his knees. I made this embroidery as a gift to the owners of a local café and restaurant – Paul and Marco of Fitzrovia. It’s a wedding present to them as well as a thank you for the amazing food, great service and friendship that they give everyone!’

Dianne, your stitching is a lovely gift for Paul and Marco! We hope your husband is well on his way to a full recovery after his surgery.

Kelvin Martin

‘As I’m emailing you, I’m on a Norwegian Fjords cruise and thought I would get a lot of stitching done, but I’ve been too busy enjoying what Norway has to offer, not to mention the ship! As a result, I’ve only done three leaves so far!’

Kelvin, we’d rarely suggest that anything get in the way of our time with needle and thread, but we think cruising the Norwegian Fjords may just be the exception! We look forward to seeing your progress when you return to dry land.

Have your travels inspired you to create something with needle and thread? We’d love to see it! Email us photos of your stitching along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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