12th April 2019

One of the ways horizon is defined is ‘the limit of a person’s knowledge, experience, or interest’.

In order to expand our horizons, we usually have to learn or experience something new or open ourselves up to fresh ideas and opinions. Whilst there are countless ways to expand our horizons, travel definitely ranks as one of the quickest ways to immerse yourself in a horizon expanding experience.

Some of us from Inspirations have been fortunate enough to vacation in Bali this year and expand our horizons it did indeed! Whilst Bali is just a short five-hour flight from our home city of Adelaide, it feels a whole world away when you arrive.

One of the many horizons that was expanded during our time in Bali, was our stitching horizon.

By chance we stumbled across Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace which is known in English as cutwork and called Krawang in Balinese. Uluwatu Krawang is still made in the traditional way where lace is stretched on bamboo hoops and sewn by hand on foot-powered machines identical to the old Singer machines now seen only as antiques in many parts of the world. The thread is carefully built up layer upon layer as the hoop moves back and forth. The empty areas of the lace are delicately cut away with sharp little scissors while the loose edges are caught and bound by the whirring needle. A single item may take five days or more to complete.

Uluwatu Handmade Lace – image courtesy qantas.com/travelinsider

When we found ourselves in the slightly more remote or residential areas of Bali, it was impossible to miss the elaborate traditional dress of the Balinese women, now worn mostly on ceremonial occasions. The women wear Kebaya which are intricate lace tops, often white, that are paired with heavily patterned and colourful Batik Kambens which are similar to a sarong, a sash tied around their waist and flowers in their hair.

Traditional Balinese Dress – image courtesy volunteerprogramsbali.org

From the simplicity of Uluwatu right through to the ornate Kebayas and Kambens, both expanded what we thought possible with needle and thread and provided us a broader horizon to stitch from upon our return home.

What expands your horizon with needle and thread? We’d love to know! Email us at news@inspirationsstudios.com

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