• Market Day

    The warmth of wool is the perfect backdrop for these whimsical little creatures designed by Jenny McWhinney.  
  • Elephant Walk

    Threadpainted blanket and pillowcase.
  • Jingle Bells – i60 Digital

    Joyful Christmas stocking.
  • Hanging Around – i80 Digital

    A pair of gorgeous Christmas stockings, perfect for sweet surprises.
  • Santa‚Äôs Little Helper – i48 Digital

    Delightful Christmas bear with a sack full of toys.
  • Spring Fever

    This cute and practical outfit is perfect for warm sunny days.
  • Sweet Baby Jane

    Gorgeous three piece outfit with wonderful garden flowers.
  • Warm Embrace

    Enter the magical world of this rosy cheeked rabbit and his busy friends when you snuggle up under this delightful cream wool cashmere blanket.

  • Sahara

    Stitched on beige wool blanketing in a myriad of threads, this splendid camel is complete with an ornate saddle and bridle lavishly decorated with numerous tassels.  
  • White Elephant

    Sparkling gold lattice and a multitude of colourful flowers decorate the surface of this exotic white felt elephant.  
  • Buttercup

    Scissor case and matching fob.
  • Violet Time

    Capture the delicate essence of this fragrant cottage flower forever by stitching this sweet sachet.
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