• Inspirations Issue 80

    Inspirations is celebrating 20 years of the world’s most beautiful embroidery with a fabulous, new look.
  • Inspirations Issue 37

    Get new inspiration for your new year, with beading, stumpwork, threadpainting and applique.
  • Inspirations Issue 112 – Digital

    Get stitching for Christmas!
  • Inspirations Issue 87

    This issue brings you fabulous projects inspired by the splendour of the natural world, cleverly depicted in thread.
  • Inspirations Issue 81

    Drawing on inspiration from the garden, this issue is bursting with fabulous projects.
  • Inspirations Issue 60

    Celebrate the 15th birthday of Inspirations with this special commemorative and Christmas issue combined.    
  • Inspirations Issue 61

    From an exquisite heirloom crib quilt to a richly ornamented goldwork study, this issue of Inspirations features 11 breathtaking embroidery projects.
  • Inspirations Issue 49

    Inspirations issue 49 brings a lovely variety of projects for needleworkers of all levels.
  • Inspirations Issue 50

    This 50th celebratory birthday issue is bursting with beauty, inspiration and terrific stitching tips and tricks for both novice and experts.
  • Inspirations Issue 07

    Discover the joy of embroidery with beautiful projects for your baby and floral inspired pieces.
  • Inspirations Issue 56

    We see a return to romance with projects, stories and articles designed to inspire and delight!
  • Earth’s Bounty

    This set of four white linen placemats showcase an artfully portrayed pink coneflower, flax flower, chamomile and spotted geranium.
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