Pins, Pins, Pins

8th October 2021

…and more pins! We’re surrounded by pins! We thought we should remind you of the amazing range of different, high-quality pins that we have in stock.

We have some Cohana Pins that we talked about in All Stitched Up! #295. We still have packs of the Millefiori glass-head pins with their beautiful flower designs; and the Ohajiki glass head pins that look for all the world like lollypops. Each pack contains three assorted colours.

We also have Tulip marking pins, which have strong cellulose, tulip shaped heads that are easy to pick up and slip into the fabric. These come in an elegant glass tube in two colours; pink and yellow.

Finally, the Clover pin packs include 20 solid steel pins with flat heads. All three of the brands are made in Japan and benefit from the highest craftsmanship imaginable. Just beware though, they are all super sharp. Just what you need for sliding through fabric with ease, but be sure to keep your fingers clear!

Order your new pins and transform your sewing and quilting experience, today.

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