Cohana Marking Pins & Magnetic Pin Holders

13th August 2021

Shhh! We’ve got a secret to share with you, but don’t tell anyone! We have a brand-new series of books coming that are so gorgeous, we can’t wait to share them with you. The first one, which is filled with a collection of the most beautiful pincushions you have ever seen, is at the printers now… more details to come at a later date.

What we can tell you is that during the photo shoot for the book, we had a huge range of different pins we’d sourced as props/styling and one of the standout products we discovered was the range of different Cohana marking pins.

After realising just how lovely they were, we simply had to get them in stock so our community could enjoy them too!

Like all Cohana products, these marking pins are made from the highest quality materials and they are so sharp, they slip through your fabric like a hot knife through butter. 

With three different styles to choose from, we now have Millefiori (a thousand flowers) glass-head pins, Ohajiki (named after a traditional Japanese game played with small coin-shaped pieces) and their metal headed pins adorned with a floral motif finished in gold, silver and bronze. Each variety of pin comes in packs of three in assorted colours.

While we’re talking about Cohana products, we still have some of their fabulous magnetic spools available. Made out of high-quality ceramic, these spools will ensure that any wayward pins don’t find their way on to the floor or into an unsuspecting foot! They are essential items to keep your workspace tidy.

So, while you’re anticipating the glorious pincushions that you’ll soon be able to make when our new book is released, why not stock up on Cohana marking pins and magnetic spools?


Cohana Ohajiki Marking Pins – Blue


Cohana Ohajiki Marking Pins – Green


Cohana Ohajiki Marking Pins – Pink


Cohana Ohajiki Marking Pins – Yellow

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