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30th April 2021

The four seasons of our climate are forever cycling through. As one part of the world moves towards the warmth of spring and summer, the other moves away from it. Whichever direction you are headed, as stitchers we’re fortunate that we are able to capture the floral beauty of the seasons with our needle and thread, regardless of what’s happening outside.

Gary Clarke’s Leucadendron originally featured in Inspirations issue #105. This project stood out from the crowd as it was worked on fine organza, giving it an ethereal air and a stunning finish. The Leucadendron is a South African native from the Proteaceae family, that is enormously popular as a cut flower due to its longevity and beauty.

Gary’s three-dimensional project is worked using silk threads, with the central cone and two bracts worked separately over printed paper. The result is a delicate finish that is made even more otherworldly by the ceramic tile that sits behind the embroidered flower.

Leucadendron is a unique project that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of nature, whether you are watching it wax or wane outside of your windows as you stitch.

Digital Patterns

Leucadendron – i105 Digital


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Leucadendron – i105 Kit

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