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Leucadendron is a dimensional botanical embroidery worked on organza by Gary Clarke from Inspirations issue #105.  This FREE PDF contains design elements to print at home.

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To re-create the project Leucadendron by Gary Clarke from Inspirations magazine issue #105, there are two design elements for the detached bracts and flower centre which require paper cut outs to be incorporated into your stitching. For further instructions please see page 53 in issue #105.

Additionally, when finishing the piece and mounting in a frame, a printed paper background plate is used for positioning of the tile and providing the written text 'Leucadendron'. For further instructions regarding finishing please see page 56 in issue #105.

Both these elements are supplied in the PDF file attached, formatted and ready for you to print at home.

PRINTING NOTE | Please ensure you select 'Actual Size' and not 'Fit' or 'Fit To Page' in order for the PDF file to print at the correct size.

Instructions Purchased Separately

The instructions for this product are available within 'Inspirations Issue 105' and are not included with this product.

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