Home Sweet Home by Carolyn Pearce

1st October 2021

Ten years ago, when we first published Carolyn Pearce’s remarkable project Home Sweet Home, we could not have anticipated how much of a phenomenon it would become. We knew that this incredibly detailed, cottage-shaped box, filled with an array of adorable stitching accessories would be popular, but we didn’t know that it would become so loved the world over.

In the past decade, this project has been tackled by an enormous number of stitchers who fell in love with it and took the time to complete it. And little wonder. The actual cottage itself, with its perfectly aligned tray inside and the host of beautiful details on the outside, is something to be admired.

But each and every accessory complements the whole in a way we don’t think any other project does.

Each piece is a tiny work of art, deserving of the care and attention in the stitching and construction required to complete the entire set.

We’ve seen people take on Home Sweet Home as a passion project. We’ve seen them take it on as a challenge. We’ve even seen them take it on in a group.

You might not remember, but way, way back in issue #31 of our newsletter (early February 2016) we shared about the Houston Embroidery Guild whose members decided to each stitch their own Home Sweet Home workbox.

Once completed, they created an entire township lining up all their cottages in a row, complete with little cars and people!

The workbox is a remarkable project for many reasons, not the least of which is Carolyn’s unique ability to channel her seemingly endless artistry and harness it with masterful refinement.

As Carolyn shares: ‘The construction itself was inspired by the numerous Japanese paper-covered boxes I had made over the years. Having created a prototype out of cardboard of what I had in mind, I then drew the embroidery designs on paper and taped them to each panel. I always knew I wanted a whimsical Elizabethan-inspired garden, so I included lots of field flowers and grasses on each panel.’

‘The most enjoyable part for me was choosing the colours and threads! I am a self-confessed threadaholic and have always loved threads, ribbons, bits and bobs since I was a very small child. They are my paint box.’

‘To finish off I made the original nine matching needlework accessories and created compartments in the lift-out tray by adding dividers.’

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this world class project, we have released a very special edition of the book that includes three additional accessories giving even long-time fans of Home Sweet Home something new to turn their nimble fingers to.

There are other changes to the project as well, in particular the lining fabric. As the original print has since gone out of production, it has now been refreshed with an ivory and fern green spot cotton, making construction a little easier with no patterns to line up.

Originally released with nine accessories, the 10th Anniversary Edition now includes 12, with the addition of a scissor sheath, pinwheel and a bodkin holder.

Over the years, we have heard countless stories from people about how much they enjoyed stitching Home Sweet Home. In fact, many people have tackled this project more than once, to give as gifts to treasured friends or relatives, or simply because they enjoyed the journey so much.

If you are yet to stitch Home Sweet Home for yourself, the 10th anniversary might just be the right time to start.

For those interested in either creating the entire project from beginning to end or adding the three new accessories to their existing workbox, we have everything you need.

Three Additional Accessories Kit

Instructions and pattern sheets for the scissor sheath, pinwheel and bodkin holder are all available in the 10th Anniversary Edition of the book and we have also created a Ready-To-Stitch kit with everything you need to create just the three new accessories.

Full Ready-to-Stitch Kit

With a requirements list comprising over 150 different components across the entire piece, Home Sweet Home 10th Anniversary Edition is the largest, most involved single project we have published to date. As a result, it may be a little overwhelming to source everything yourself.

The good news is we have also released a complete kit for the project that is now in stock, the not so good news however is we only have a small number remaining, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. 

Facebook Group

Due to the popularity of this project, we have now created a dedicated Home Sweet Home Facebook Group where anyone embarking on the journey to re-create this very special project can belong. 

Within this group we’re hoping to create a collaborative environment where you can share your progress, answer each other’s questions, inspire one another and impart knowledge, tips and tricks that you may have learned along the way.

Perhaps the most important thing to do today though, is to thank the lady who has made all this possible. Carolyn Pearce is without doubt one of the most talented and inspiring needlework artisans of our generation and it has been our great privilege to publish her work.

We leave you with her thoughts on celebrating 10 years of Home Sweet Home: 

‘Reflecting on the popularity of Home Sweet Home, I’d have to say there is something magical about a box – always the question: what is inside? So many people over the years have been captivated by the little workbox, adding their own special touches.

I do hope Home Sweet Home continues to bring joy to all those who, like

me, are captivated by the love of embroidery and the wonder of what’s inside the box.’

Make Your Own Home Sweet Home

Step 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

Home Sweet Home | 10th Anniversary Edition by Carolyn Pearce is a remarkably ornate and intricate project, consisting of a charming two-story English cottage, beautifully decorated with a garden of stitches, that opens to reveal a lift-out tray and 12 gorgeous, coordinated needlework accessories neatly stored inside.

Printed Books

Home Sweet Home | 10th Anniversary Edition

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

Inside the full Home Sweet Home kit you will find the fabrics (unprinted), interlining, interfacing, wadding, ribbons, charms, beads, buttons,  selected hardware (inc. retractable tape measure, thread cutter, bodkin, pins), embroidery and sewing threads, needles and all the mount board (pre-cut to finished size) to create the workbox and all 12 accessories.


Home Sweet Home – Full Kit

The Home Sweet Home Accessories kit is perfect for anyone who already has their own Home Sweet Home and would like to add the three additional accessories released in the new 10th Anniversary Edition.


Home Sweet Home – Three Accessories

*Please Note: To cater for flexibility of purchase, instructions are not included with our kits. For step-by-step directions on how to create this project, please refer to the book.

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