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16th September 2022

A Life Well Lived & Books Well Read

After sharing Callie Holland’s thoughts on how the time ‘in between’ shapes who we are in All Stitched Up! issue #344, Maureen was reminded of her mother who used her ‘in-between’ to the full.

Maureen’s mother Irene started work at the tender age of 14 examining fibres that were destined for use in parachutes during WWII. Irene was constantly surrounded by fabrics and threads. She began making clothes for family and friends, which eventually led to her undertaking a qualification in tailoring and teaching. 

Irene learnt, practised and shared her love of needle and thread throughout her life, passing her skills onto many people including Maureen.

‘I was so lucky to have her as my mother and often think about her when I’m embroidering or being creative in some way.’

When Irene died, aged 94, Linda Ellis’s poem ‘The Dash’ was read at her funeral. As Maureen so eloquently stated, the poem ‘was so fitting as she’d certainly used her dash to the full.

Never a truer word was spoken Maureen. Not only did your mother spend her dash indulging her passion for all things needle and thread, but passed her legacy of embroidery onto the next generation. Her story is both an inspiration and invitation to each of us to make sure we’re spending our dash well. 

From a life well lived, it’s onto our Inspirations Community who’ve continued the conversation about books that should be well read!

After reading ‘The Girl Who Wrote in Silk’ by Kelli Estes, Karla couldn’t wait to pass on the recommendation. An elaborately stitched piece of fabric found hidden in a house becomes the focus of an historic novel inspired by true events. The poignant tale centres around two women who, though separated by centuries, become bound by a length of silk. 

Whilst tragic truths will be uncovered and impossible choices made, the story unpacks the tale of the women as they determine to do the right thing, all the while reminding us about the power of our own stories.

After making mention of ‘The Silk Weaver’ in last week’s Have Your Say, Jane emailed to let us know that the book was published as ‘The Hidden Thread’ in the United States. That is a very helpful hint for any of our North American readers who were struggling to order a copy to read Jane! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the title change and just how much you enjoy the inspiration provided through All Stitched Up!

Whether it be more stories of lives well lived, books that deserve to be well read or simply tales of needle and thread, we’d love to hear what you have to say! We look forward to receiving your email as you join in on the conversation.

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