Bumblebee Printed Fabric

26th May 2023

Trish Burr’s Bumblebee is one of our most popular Handpicked projects to date, featuring a bumblebee embellished with stunning florals in muted shades of black and yellow.

Now, for the first time since the project’s release, the printed fabric is available for purchase separately.

The Bumblebee printed fabric is the perfect way to encourage a little creativity.

Use your imagination to re-create Trish’s beautiful project using your own colour schemes and stitching techniques; or simply use your own threads to mimic her gorgeous design.

A great time saving option for anyone thinking about stitching this gorgeous piece, including those new to stitching, this is a project suitable for all skill levels. 

Purchase your Bumblebee printed fabric using the link below, and if you’re looking for instructions, both digital and print versions are just a click away.

PS – If you’re interested in buying a Bumblebee Ready-to-Stitch kit, the printed fabric is already included so no need to purchase it separately.

Printed Fabric – Bumblebee

Trish Burr
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Bumblebee – HP Digital


Bumblebee – HP Kit

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Bumblebee – HP Print

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