Au Ver à Soie 200th Birthday

23rd August 2019

Speaking of 200 and beautiful, there is another company celebrating 200 and it’s not just 200 newsletters, it’s being in business for 200 years!

In 2020 the French thread maker Au Ver à Soie will be 200 years old - now that’s something to be celebrated!

Au Ver à Soie produces some of the most beautiful silk and wool threads in the world and has been owned and run by the same family since the very beginning.

Today Au Ver à Soie is owned and managed by fifth generation brother and sister team Marc and Nathalie, who do an incredible job servicing the needlework industry the world over. Inspirations has been a recipient of their amazing generosity over many years through their support of our magazine and sponsorship of our events.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about the celebrations planned for their 200th birthday in the months ahead, but for now we’ve decided to get the party started early and release a range of Au Ver à Soie products for sale on our website.

Au Ver à Soie Thread Samplers

If you’ve never used Au Ver à Soie threads before, you’re missing out – these are the Rolls Royce of silk threads.

Or put another way, to help do your best always try and use the best.

What makes their threads so good? Well to begin with they’ve been doing it for (nearly) 200 years and have refined their manufacturing techniques down to a fine art. Silk threads are incredibly strong, beautiful to use, they absorb colours in a more pure way enabling vibrant, striking results and have a lustre and sheen unlike anything else.

So, to help you to join the party we’ve put together a specially chosen range of Au Ver à Soie thread packs now available on our website.

If you’re not familiar with their family of threads, here is a quick overview:

Soie d’Alger = spun silk thread, stranded (7 strands)

Soie de Paris = filament silk thread, stranded (6 strands)

Soie Gobelins = filament silk thread, 2 ply non-divisible

Soie Perlée = filament silk thread, 3 ply non-divisible

Metallise Tressé = braided thread with metallic appearance

Au Ver à Soie Discovery Pack

Perfect for first time Au Ver à Soie users, inside you’ll find one of each of the 5 different type of threads in an assortment of gorgeous colours to help you discover the textural beauty of this product.


Au Ver à Soie Discovery Pack – Spring

Shades of Pastel - Soie Perlée

An exquisite assortment of 6 x Soie Perlée threads in coordinating pastel hues presented on wooden spools – are they threads to use, or have on display as part of your sewing room décor? Decisions, decisions…


Soie Perlée – Shades of Pastel

Shades of Summer - Soie Perlée

Pack of 6 x Soie Perlée threads, this time in a range of bright vibrant colours reflective of summer, so striking and so bold you can’t help but feel happy just looking at them.


Soie Perlée – Shades of Summer

Shades of Metallic - Metallise Tressé

An irresistible collection of sparkle and delight, 6 x Metallise Tressé threads in silver, black, white, bronze, copper and gold to give you the ultimate experience in the finest of metallic threads.


Metallise Tressé – Shades of Metallic

Whether you buy 1 or all 4 threads packs, once you’ve experienced the quality and beauty of these threads, you’ll be hooked!

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