Au Ver à Soie Discovery Pack

Discover an assortment of the finest Au Ver à Soie threads.


Established in 1820, Au Ver à Soie is a world leader in the production of fine silk threads.

This divine collection of 5 threads, in the colours of spring includes:

  • Soie d'Alger | 7 strands of loosely plyed silk that can be split easily. This luxurious thread is made of spun silk which gives it an unrivalled regularity, lustre and softness.
  • Soie Perlée | Made of raw silk, this 3 ply twisted filament silk is smooth, soft and lustrous.
  • Metallise Tressé 4 | A soft and resistant braid, suitable for all needlework applications.
  • Soie de Paris | Made of raw silk, this 6 strand filament silk is easy to separate.
  • Soie Gobelins | 2 ply high twisted filament silk, made of raw silk.

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