Zweigart Linens

4th March 2022

When it comes to fine linen for needlework, one of the largest and most famous manufacturers in the world is Zweigart. Since 1877, Zweigart have been producing high grade needlework fabrics at their factory in Germany. They remain one of the go-to brands for all kinds of needleworker to this day.

Zweigart Belfast is a 32-count linen that is perfect for all kinds of counted embroidery, from cross stitch to blackwork. We currently have Zweigart Belfast available in an exquisite shade of Deep Magenta. It can be ordered by the half metre (50cm / approx. 20 inches).

Zweigart Kingston is a 52-count linen, woven so finely and evenly it is silken to the touch. Despite the fine count, this linen can be used for various kinds of counted embroidery, including Hardanger and counted whitework. Thanks to the tight weave, it is also suitable for surface embroidery. 

We have Zweigart Kingston available in White and Ecru that can be purchased by the quarter metre (25cm / approx. 10 inches).

These beautiful linens can be purchased in the minimum sizes indicated, however if you would like a larger piece, just order the number of units you would like and we’ll send it to you as a single, uncut length.


Zweigart Belfast Linen – Deep Magenta 32 ct


Zweigart Kingston Linen – Ecru 56 ct


Zweigart Kingston Linen – White 56 ct

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