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23rd September 2022

Every two years the team here at Inspirations Studios channel our skills and talent into a singular obsession – to create the next instalment in our Passion for Needlework series.

This week we are beyond proud to announce the official release of our fourth book in the series, A Passion for Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford.

Each Passion for Needlework book is epic. It represents the pinnacle of our craft as a company that is dedicated to producing the world’s most beautiful needlework publications.

If there ever was an artistic collaboration capable of making the global stitching community stand proud, A Passion for Needlework is that collective.

To that end, A Passion for Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford, picks up where the third book left off, and raises the bar to yet another level.

Reflection by Hazel Blomkamp

What makes a Passion for Needlework 4 so special? 

To begin with, it’s the largest book we’ve produced to date, coming in at 240 pages with 3 pattern sheets in a handy storage pocket.

(L) Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ by Trish Burr (R) Charisma by Susan O’Connor

It’s big, it’s bold and it’s beautiful in all it’s hard cover, fabric spine, silk bookmark, premium quality print glory.

And then there are the projects…

(L) Nandina & Cicada by Jane Nicholas (R) The Penguin King by Georgina Bellamy

12 of the very best designers, stitching 12 magnificent pieces befitting of a publication of this magnitude. Nothing restrained, nothing withheld, creative brilliance and needlework sophistication unleashed.

And the location?

The Whitehouse, styled by Lynda Gardner and located in Daylesford Victoria, Australia, was scouted and specifically chosen for its profoundly curated aesthetic and stunningly eclectic, yet cohesive artistic resolve.   

(L) Forty Winks by Anna Scott (R) Arbor Vitae by Tania Cohen

Only the most glorious and opulent of embroidery designs can find harmony within a location such as this – the symphony of needlework and destination is exquisite.

A cursory summary of each piece cannot do this book justice, rather we’ll simply let the images beguile you as they have us.

Is it fair that this much temptation and needlework brilliance be included in one publication? Probably not. In fact, one could say that A Passion for Needlework 4 is an embarrassment of riches. This is one for the ages.

(L) Greensleeves by Brenda Sortwell (R) Wildflowers of Hepburn by Alison Cole

A special note of thanks to Georgina Bellamy, Hazel Blomkamp, Trish Burr, Tania Cohen, Alison Cole, Di Kircher, Jane Nicholas, Susan O’Connor, Anna Scott, Brenda Sortwell, Fumie Suzuki and Di van Niekerk, all of whom entrusted us with their remarkable pieces of stitched art. It’s our great joy and privilege to publish your work.

For a complete list of all the projects along with a description and photos of each, click on the link in the promo below.

(L) Perfect Match by Fumie Suzuki (R) Put Your Feet Up by Di Kirchner

Oh – and while you are there, don’t forget to purchase your copy of the book! And for those who are new to A Passion for Needlework, it’s not too late to start your collection now as all three of the first books in the series are still available from our website HERE.

In other important news, most of the kits from A Passion for Needlework 4 are also being launched today, with no promise as to how long stock will last.

So now is a good time to order your kits along with the book to save on postage – and a reminder for all Inspirations magazine subscribers to use your coupon code and save 15% off each kit.

It is our hope that the obsession we birthed in producing this book now becomes your obsession to take up your needle and stitch. 

Wood Anemones by Di van Niekerk

A Passion for Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford is our love letter to you, our always enthusiastic, incredibly talented and loyal stitching community. May you forever enjoy the world’s most beautiful needlework.

The Inspirations Studios Team

A Passion for Needlework 4

A Passion for Needlework 4 | The Whitehouse Daylesford

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