World’s First Embroidered Video Game

9th June 2023

We never imagined we’d be writing about video games in All Stitched Up!, but Eva Navratilova has won us over with her incredibly unique embroidered screenplay.

The world’s first embroidered video game may just be the most unique way to display embroidery that we’ve ever seen!

Scarlet Deer Inn is a yet-to-be-released video game in which every single character frame is embroidered. Each character is hand-drawn, machine-stitched, then scanned and cropped to become a digital version of the embroidered art piece.

Fans of the game are particularly keen to have a physical, embroidered display that represents the game once production is complete.

Character embroidered ready for scanning

When asked her motivation behind this venture, Eva states, ‘we like handmade stuff and different kinds of animation… no one’s ever done it before, so it’s exciting.’

Exciting, indeed! We love new ways to use or display finished projects, and this is a wonderfully innovative way to expose new audiences to the wonder of needle and thread.

For more information about the game, click HERE.

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