World of Needlework Convention – Questions?

17th March 2023

You may have heard the exciting news that registration for the World Needlework Convention in October 2023 is now open.

With two fabulous packages available and a line-up of tutors, projects and destinations that are nothing short of outstanding, we’re spreading the news far and wide to invite as many people to join us for this truly memorable event as possible.

This week we wanted to answer a few quick questions that many have been asking….

Where is the event being held? Hilton London or Luton Hoo?

It’s actually being held at both! The first two-day class will be at the Hilton London before the convention moves to Luton Hoo where the next 2 x two-day classes are taking place.

How many days of stitching will there be?

Across the 11 day event, classes will be running for 6 days. Days 1 through 4 are based in London and include a day trip to the Knitting & Stitching Show. Days 5 through 10 take place in Luton, an hour out of London, and include a day trip and exclusive tour of Parham House. Plus, an array of other amazing activities throughout the convention are taking place including evening events.

What is the difference between Event Only & Event All Inclusive?

Event All Inclusive is just that – a luxurious package where we take care of you from beginning to end including all meals, accommodation, events, transfers and tuition fees.

The Event Only package is a great option for anyone who would prefer to arrange your own accommodation or for those who live locally. Price still includes daily luxuries like lunch, morning and afternoon tea, day tours and tuition fees.

Got more questions? Click HERE to email the team at Needlework Tours who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

For a full list of inclusions for both packages, pricing and to register, click HERE.

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