World Needlework Convention | Update

7th July 2023

It’s all been happening at the registration desk for the World Needlework Convention over the past few weeks, to the point we are starting to see several classes about to sell out.

With the number of participants attending this inaugural event growing by the week, for those who have been wondering, will I or won’t I register, today is the day to say yes!

Not only are there over 80 projects to choose from, the line up of presentations you will enjoy as part of attending the event is arguably worth it alone.

Hollywood costume embroiderer extraordinaire Michele Carragher talks all things garment design and embellishment from her creations seen in Game of Thrones, The Crown, Elizabeth 1 and more.

The Red Dress project captivated the needlework world and is something we’ve written about in this very newsletter here. Now you have the opportunity to hear firsthand from the powerhouse talent that is Kirstie Macleod, who started the movement

Writer and historian Robert Ossant shares secrets about the monarchy and reveals answers to fascinating questions like, what can the embroidery from the coronation tell us about our new King?

This is just a taste of the wonders awaiting at the World Needlework Convention in England October 5-15 this year.

Don’t miss out on registering for those classes you’ve been eyeing off and attending all the events and presentations across the 11 days.

For more information about the convention click HERE, to browse all the projects on offer and to register click HERE.

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