World Embroidery Day 2021

23rd July 2021

What a difference a year makes! For many people, the last 12 months have been long and tumultuous, which is why it seems all the more important for everyone to get out their needle and thread on 30th July and celebrate World Embroidery Day.

World Embroidery Day has been recognised for 10 years now, inaugurated in 2011 in Sweden. Since then, the day has been marked all over the world by stitchers in different countries finding new and innovative ways to honour their favourite craft.

For the past few years, Kelly Fletcher has released a free embroidery pattern especially for World Embroidery Day so that everyone has a project to try whether they are a beginner or seasoned stitcher. This year is no different. Kelly has produced a bright, cheery pomegranate motif, surrounded by leaves, which can be worked in whatever colours or stitches you’d like and you can download it HERE for free.

We had hoped that everyone would be able to get together with friends to celebrate the day this year, but we realise that there are still places in the world where it isn’t possible to gather together in groups. So, whether you can stitch with friends face-to-face, online, or whether you must simply commune alone with your needle and thread, 30th July is the day for acknowledging how much we love our craft.

How are you celebrating World Embroidery Day this year? Have you got anything special planned? Are you starting a special project or picking up a forgotten UFO? Have you designed a special project? Or are you simply using the day to remind yourself how much you love to embroider? We’d love to hear about your plans at

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