Window Shopping

11th December 2020

One of the many things we love about working at Inspirations HQ is sourcing props for our photography shoots. Let’s face it, there are worse tasks than going shopping, especially when your list includes all things needle and thread! 

Inspirations’ hometown of Adelaide is fortunate to have the choice of two embroidery boutiques, both stocked with wares bound to set a stitcher’s heart aflutter. 

And this is where we recently found ourselves, pouring through all things needle and thread at one of those two stores, The Bobbin Tree.

Whilst we went with a concise and specific shopping list – which for the record, we didn’t stray from – the process of sourcing that ‘just right’ item meant we looked at most, if not all, of the items on offer. 

Not only were the wares merchandised in a way that makes you feel like all your needlework dreams have come true, but as we held each item in our hand, carefully considering the project it would be photographed with, a sudden sense of calm settled on us. 

Did you know there is an actual term for this? We didn’t, but according to the Urban Dictionary, there is!

Oniochalasia | buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation.

Upon reflection, the sense of calm and relaxation came from being surrounded by things that speak to our passion for all things needle and thread and taking the time to consider the details of the colour and texture of each bespoke item, all the while letting our minds wander to the possibilities held within each of them. 

Whilst strictly speaking not window shopping, as we did purchase several things, the majority of our time was spent admiring things we didn’t purchase – although we did walk out with a list of ‘must haves’ for future use! 

Whilst the brick and mortar stores of old are harder to come by than they once were, spending some time window shopping online can also bring about a sense of oniochalasia as you let yourself become absorbed in all that the world of needlework wares has to offer. 

Perhaps even, as our own writer for this newsletter Nancy Williams has inspired us to do over recent weeks, we could window shop within our own stashes and, as we carefully consider the possibility each item within our stash holds, find that same sense of oniochalasia within our own four walls.

Happy window shopping – we can’t wait to hear what you find! Make sure to email to let us know what treasures you uncover.

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