Whiteley Stork Embroidery Scissors

3rd February 2023

When we were scheduling the list of articles for this week’s issue of All Stitched Up! Whiteley stork embroidery scissors were added to the line-up.

As it turns out, this article is more of a public service announcement because it’s only fair that we help our needlework community access the best embroidery tools possible. 

So, we can either wax lyrical about why these scissors are not your average stork scissors and how after you’ve used a highly refined, steel forged, hand-crafted in Sheffield, England pair of stork scissors, you’ll never look back, or we can try something new.

What if we just provided you with a list of life motto’s for you to embrace, after which buying a pair of these scissors will makes perfect sense: 

‘Life is short – stitch hard’

‘That will do, will never do’

‘Life is too expensive to buy cheap things’

‘The more beautiful my tools, the more beautiful my needlework’

Now you can choose whichever motto you’d like to live by, click on the link below, purchase a pair of Whiteley Stork Embroidery Scissors, and when they arrive you’ll marvel at the quality and at the same time be well pleased you decided to live life according to your new motto.

Whiteley Embroidery Scissors – Stork

William Whiteley & Sons
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