Where Meadows & Gardens Grow

17th December 2021

UK designer and needlework artisan Jo Butcher has already achieved a great deal in her career.

From creating exquisite award-winning pieces that have been published and celebrated the world over, teaching sold out classes globally, to producing her own range of products and giftables available through her own successful online store. 

And shortly Jo will add a new accolade to her list – the release of her very first book.

As announced recently, you can now pre-order copies of Jo’s upcoming book ‘Where Meadows & Gardens Grow’.

Knowing how popular she is as a designer, by pre-ordering your copy today, you can be guaranteed to be one of the lucky people who gets to start on any one of Jo’s fabulous new projects as soon as your book arrives, scheduled for release in January.

Where Meadows & Gardens Grow

Jo Butcher
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