What’s Next?

26th July 2019

Have you ever found yourself reading the last word in what might just be the most amazing book you’ve ever read and thought, you’ll never read anything again that could even come close to being as enjoyable?!

Sometimes the same can be true for our needlework.

We lay the last stitch on what might have been our favourite piece to date, or something we’ve immersed ourselves in for countless hours, and find ourselves wondering what’s next.

How do you choose your next project when you’ve given so much of yourself to the last?!

For some of us, we simply move on to the next kit or UFO we have lined up, or flick through our stitching Bucket List to see what we’re yet to tackle.

But for others, it takes time to pick our next project – and sometimes more than we ever thought possible! We need the space to look for a project that’s just right or one we think will be equally as captivating. Some among us even take the time to seek out and research a particular designer or technique we’re yet to ply our needles to.

The good news is that given the passage of time, somehow we all find ourselves immersed in another book or laying the first stitch of a new adventure with needle and thread and on many occasions we hear ourselves declaring that this may just be the most amazing one yet!

If you’d like to help us on our journey in considering what’s next, we’d love to hear how you go about choosing what you put your needles and threads to. Email us at news@inspirationsstudios.com

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