What Are You Stitching?

26th June 2020

Whether you use Chinese embroidery, threadpainting or maybe a combination of the two, the results one can achieve are marvellous. This week we have a range of projects to share with you that demonstrate just how adept our readers are at tackling these types of techniques to produce beautiful, floral masterpieces.

Tracy Shum | Magnolia

‘I have been stitching for around 10 years. Crewel, Luneville and Chinese silk embroidery are my favourite styles. This magnolia is embroidered purely using silk thread worked mainly in long and short stitch.’

‘Stitching is like meditation to me. It allows me to completely relax and concentrate on each stitch. It is the best activity I use to spend my ‘me time’ and allow myself to reflect on what happens day to day.’

The sheen on this magnolia is gorgeous, Tracy. It is little wonder, when you’ve achieved such a state of concentration, that you’ve produced exquisite results. 

Amalia Cunha | Floral Arrangement

‘I found this old Elsa Williams kit on eBay. The threads in the original kit were extremely old and unappealing wool, so I improvised! Instead, I used DMC embroidery floss, a little creativity and here is the result.’

‘I have learned most of my stitching from reading and watching videos. Trish Burr, Phillipa Turnbull and so many other talented artists have been a great inspiration. There is so much more to learn, so I’m very excited about future projects.’

Your stitching, your creativity and your enthusiasm are just wonderful, Amalia!

Sonia Bisighin | Pansies and Dog Roses

‘I am pleased to share some photos of my latest embroidery projects.’

‘These pansies and dog roses have been created using needle painting and some filling fancy embroidery stitches. They are my own work and design’

Beautifully designed, and beautifully stitched too. Your colours and blending, Sonia, are so incredibly lifelike.

Dora Edwardes

‘I stitched this piece, Briar Rose, for my wonderful friend as a Christmas gift.’

‘My friend has supported me through some very tough times and whilst not perfect, it’s the first project I’ve embarked upon since my retinol vein occlusion diagnosis some four years ago.’

‘I’ve gone from excellent vision for close stitching to blurry in one eye. Completion of this labour of love is my success story.’

You should be doubly proud for completing this project despite your challenges, Dora. It’s a perfect choice to demonstrate your appreciation for your friend after all their support.

Claude Andree Leclef | Nasturtiums

‘To light up the grey days of winter at home here in France, I embroidered these bright nasturtiums by Catherine Laurençon, from Inspirations issue #93.’

They’re glorious, Claude Andree. The brilliant colour would brighten up the darkest of days.

Have you created a project using Chinese embroidery, random stitch embroidery or threadpainting? No matter which style or technique suits you best, we’d love to see your work. Send us some pictures along with a bit of information about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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