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1st May 2020

Spring = flowers and it seems that cottage gardens are a true favourite amongst our readers. Perhaps it is the riot of colour, or the exquisite variation amongst the flowers? Whatever the reason, we all love them, as we know you’ll love this week’s showcase.

Caitlin Doyle

‘I learned embroidery from family members when I was little but developed a passion for it in college a few years ago. Since I don’t know many people who embroider, I love that Inspirations lets me be part of the larger embroidery community.’

‘When you first wrote of Lorna Bateman’s Embroidered Country Gardens last summer I fell in love and bought it immediately. I made the embroidered glasses case as a Christmas gift for my mother, who loved it. It was the most ambitious project I’ve tackled to date and I really enjoyed it!’

You’ve really achieved the texture and colour beautifully. And we love your little bird! It’s no wonder your mother loved it, and we’re very glad to have you as part of our community, Caitlin.

Christine Tutty

‘I think Wabi-Sabi (the Japanese philosophy of accepting your imperfections and making the most of everything, not despite the imperfections, but because of them) totally describes my feelings about my embroidery. I just love doing it and have for many years, however I don’t feel very confident about it.’

‘I live in Canberra, Australia and attended a couple of Diana Lampes’ wonderful workshops some years ago. The embroidered garden is from the Embroidered Gardens series released in the early nineties. I have loved stitching these.’

Your stitching is exquisite, Christine, even if you don’t feel confident. You’ve mastered all of those different stitches wonderfully, but more importantly, you’ve loved doing it which matters most of all.

Desiree Coetzee

‘I wanted to share with you my embroidery panel which I finished recently.’

‘It is a panel from Dicraft in South Africa. I am from the Eastern Cape, South Africa.’

What magnificent colours, and we’re amazed at how beautiful your ribbon flowers are. This is definitely a finish to be proud of, Desiree. Well done!

Jenny Whiteside

‘Hi from a very wet England! As it has been too wet to go out even for the dogs recently, I have had a chance to finish off some small projects.’

‘This scissor keeper was made from a kit by Lorna Bateman, whose classes I have been fortunate enough to attend.’

We’re sure as you were stitching it, it helped you to forget the rain. What a great finish to herald in the start of spring for you in England, Jenny.

Ruth Dix

‘I am sending a picture of an embroidery which I did taking inspiration from Inspirations issue #53 and the project it featured ‘A Cottage Garden’ by Kris Richards. I really enjoyed the different methods which I used.’

The result is gorgeous, Ruth. You’ve really captured the essence of a cottage garden, filled with flowers.

Marcia Acker-Missall

‘To say that I adore your publications is not enough. Your projects and outstanding photographs have inspired me to become a self-taught embroider here in south Florida, USA.’

‘A number of years ago I was invited to come to Australia to teach soft sculpture art dolls and bead weaving. I travelled and taught in 4 different Australian states during which time the flame to embroider was ignited.’

‘I met several outstanding embroiderers who were taking my workshops. Upon admiring their surface embroidery, they introduced me to a few different stitches to practise during my breaks.

I was so envious of the fact that in Australia, hand work and needle work of all kinds is a valued and prideful personal endeavour.

There were numerous active clubs and guilds for people to join and learn from.’ 

‘I continue to teach workshops all over the USA and Canada and share my love for surface embroidery with my students. To my delight there is a growing interest and participation in hand embroidery here in the USA.’

Thank you for carrying the love of embroidery to all of your friends and students in the USA, Marcia! Fortunately, we can draw on our global community to share our love too, so we’re grateful to you for playing your part.

Have you been inspired by the burst of colour appearing in your garden this season? Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed recreating a garden with needle and thread while you dream of one of your own? No matter what you’ve been stitching, we’d love to see it. Send a photo and some words about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com.

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