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17th April 2020

This week we’re celebrating one of the most popular needlework designers we’re lucky enough to have as part of the Inspirations family – Trish Burr. 

Not only are her designs innovative, modern and simply stunning, judging by the fact no-one can seem to stop at stitching just one, her projects are also rather addictive. For your reading pleasure, here is a collection of her pieces stitched by our readers.

Ruth Thean

‘Here are a couple of photos of cats which are patterns by Trish Burr.’

‘The golden one is called Chloe and I have just finished her. Her sister is called Katarina. She was my first attempt at Trish’s style of whitework with colour, and I am now hooked.’

‘I have also done the African lady and she takes pride of place in my lounge room which is decorated with all things African.’

It’s clear how much you love Trish’s designs and what a fabulous job you’ve done of them, Ruth. It’s our guess that that you won’t be stopping here either – so we look forward to seeing which Trish Burr design you stitch next!

Raewyn Bennison

‘My journey with needlework began some years ago with cross stitch, where I loved the Shepherds Bush range. However, I didn’t know how to do many other stitches, so I enrolled with The Correspondence School in Wellington, New Zealand to learn.

Since then I have been a past member of the Canterbury Embroiderers’ Guild and did many classes there.

Now a friend and I have our own embroidery group where I teach Elizabethan embroidery and always try to inspire the other women to try new techniques.’

‘It was around 6 years ago that I went through my collection of Inspirations magazines and worked my first piece of crewel embroidery.

This led me to threadpainting, where I became hooked!

I borrowed a book by Trish Burr from the library and soon ended up buying it, along with most of her other books.’

‘For me, embroidery is a passion and there is nothing I like better than to sit and stitch listening to a talking book or Spotify. Doing this has got me through many stressful times.’

We completely understand the joy of stitching with an audiobook or music, Raewyn. Thank you so much for sharing your stitching journey with us.

Mel Williams

‘I used to do freehand embroidery as a teenager, along with other handicrafts such as crochet, knitting and dressmaking.

Then as the years progressed, I left freehand embroidery behind and tried cross stitch to while away many a winter’s evening.

I have been buying Inspirations magazine since 2000, when by lucky chance I saw a copy on the shelves in my local village shop. I picked it up as the beautiful cover was so intriguing and now look forward to the launch of each new edition and the treasures inside.’

‘Here is my blue fairy wren in long and short stitch, designed by Trish Burr called Royal Blue. I saw it in issue #77 of the magazine and just had to give it a try after not having done embroidery for many years.’

‘I am pleased to have taken up threadpainting again after such a long time.’

It looks to us like you haven’t forgotten a thing, Mel. Your fairy wren is so lively and realistic! We hope you continue to enjoy rediscovering this wonderful technique.

Marjorie Collins

‘I have just finished Trish Burr’s Thandiswa, and it was one of the best embroidery experiences in all my 81 years!

What can I say about Trish? She is my embroidery diva, my hero with a needle and the most talented designer I have yet to come across.

If Trish designed it, then I’ll probably stitch it, if I haven’t already.’

‘All my friends were asking who I might be stitching this glorious lady for (with a gleam in their eye) but I steadfastly replied… ME!’

And so you should, Marjorie. It is no wonder all of your friends coveted your work – she’s just magnificent. We hope you enjoy many more pleasurable hours stitching Trish’s designs.

Do you also love the work of Trish Burr? Or is there any other designer you’re completely hooked on? If so, we’d love to see your work. Email us at news@inspirationsstudios.com with pictures and a brief outline of your piece and your stitching journey.

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