What Are You Stitching?

3rd April 2020

Soft furnishings come in all shapes and sizes and can be quilted, crocheted, embroidered, woven or even turned into wall hangings. They are such a versatile item, and so necessary, that we thought we would bring you a showcase of some lovely ones the Inspirations community has been making.

Sharon Larkan | Coastal Quilt

‘I thought I would send in one of my projects – my simply stitched quilt.’

‘When my husband and I moved from Perth, Australia to a small surfing village on the opposite side of the country on the New South Wales coast some 14 years ago, I did not know anyone at the time. I’ve always been a lover of embroidery in its various forms and hoped to join an embroidery group, but the closest was a 3½ hour drive away, however there was a local quilting group.’

‘I joined the group in the hope of meeting like-minded people and have ended up with a wonderful group of friends.’

‘Not being a quilter at the time, I made a few quilts that incorporated simple hand stitching. One that I enjoyed designing and making was stitched in backstitch in blue Madeira silk outlining white fabric paint that I stamped onto small white squares.’

‘They were then sashed together to make a queen-sized quilt for my guestroom.’

For someone who was not a quilter, you have done an amazing job with this quilt Sharon. And it seems a perfect theme for a coastal village. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of needlework we do, stitchers will always come together and make friends.

Ann Martin | Dresden Lace Quilt

‘Between embroidery, work and many other things in life, I’m slowly putting together my 3rd Dresden lace quilt.’

‘For these first two I’ve put a pearl in the centre of the flowers. Just to add a little charm.’

Ann, these quilts are breathtaking. The combination of lace and patchwork is so effective, and the little addition of the pearl is perfect.

Mary Ann Richardson | Barnyard Quilt

‘I’m fascinated by old abandoned buildings and rusty crusty vehicles of any sort and love to attempt to recreate them using fabric and embroidery.’

‘This one is my latest piece which was inspired by an old tractor my uncle, now nearly 90, has made look new again. He drives it in most of the local parades. Mine isn’t driveable, but hopefully it reflects the original!’

We love how this old, vintage machine looks so sturdy in the snow and ice you’ve surrounded it with, Mary Ann. We’re sure it is a wonderful reflection of your uncle’s treasure.

Norma Mulligan | Cushion

Norma shared with us her cute cushion cover which she is lovingly stitching for a baby boy.

‘In response to your call for photos of works completed or in progress, here is my latest, still in the hoop. It is destined for my baby great grandson’s bedroom and will be a cushion cover.’

Thank you, Norma. It’s always great to see what people are stitching for the boys in their lives!

If you’ve been stitching a quilt or a blanket, or you’ve made something for a little boy or a big boy, we’d love to see it. Send your pictures, with a story about your stitching journey, to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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