What Are You Stitching?

20th July 2018

After looking at stitches and threads in their various forms throughout this issue of the newsletter, we thought we’d share with you a few of the stitches we found in our ‘What Are You Stitching?’ files...

Bobbin Lace | Maria Sammut

‘I wanted to make a Baptism Dress for my Granddaughter so I designed and worked the bobbin lace and then made the dress, shoes and head band with silk thread and silk material.’

Maria, the time and talent you’ve poured into your granddaughter’s Baptism Dress made it an incredibly special outfit for a significant occasion and is worthy of passing down through the generations.

Hardanger | Tina Pedrick

‘I have made many handmade Christmas decorations over the years, along with Santa which includes a Dorset Button on his hat. The pattern for Santa came from Nordic Needle.’

Tina, what an innovative use of Hardanger and the Dorset Button is a fabulous addition! It must be a joy to decorate your tree each Christmas with what you’ve produced with needle and thread.

Italian Drawn Thread | Suzi Bloemker

‘This technique gave me headaches and made me think I was going blind – Italian Drawn Thread!  This piece – a hand towel – is called Isabella and is designed by Barbara Kershaw. We did this through the Group Correspondence Course of the EGA.  There were 9 of us that attempted this piece, but only one lady finished it in a week.’

‘A few of us managed to finish it after a couple of months or more, while some started but are yet to finish. I could only work on it for an hour before having to put it down so I could rest my eyes or take some painkillers for my pounding headache, but I was determined to finish it and managed to do so. Counting, cutting and weaving threads was exhausting!’

Suzi, whilst you may not have enjoyed the process, your work is meticulous! Your perseverance definitely paid off.

Perforated Card Work | Raelene Grueber

‘Apart from hand embroidering our ancestor’s information on my family history quilt which spans almost 500 years, I love designing and recreating Victorian Paper Punched Mottos. Popular from the 1870’s onwards, many are still seen in period dramas. I sell some on occasion, but it’s more of a passion and for my enjoyment than anything. These are done in long stitch on a heavy perforated paper.’

We love that we’re still able to honour methods of times past through our needles and threads today, and Raelene, you’ve done a beautiful job of recreating the past! We hope God truly does bless your home.

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