What Are You Stitching?

9th November 2019

This week’s ‘What Are You Stitching?’ celebrates the work of the tutors who help make Beating Around the Bush the world’s most beautiful needlework convention. We love the time we’ve spent with each of them at past conventions and can’t wait to do it all again in 2020!

Alison Cole via Kelvin Martin

‘I just saw a recent newsletter and there was Alison Cole’s Honey Bee! I completed that project last year and thought you’d like to see the finished piece. I had a lovely man make me a black walnut box with a photo frame lid, and a local framer inserted my work into it. I then gave it to my bee-mad husband for his Christmas present.’

Kelvin, you’ve done a bee-utiful job of replicating Alison’s Honey Bee from Inspirations issue #90! We know from our emails with you just how much the gift meant to your husband, so know it will be treasured for years to come.

Jenny McWhinney via Ann Rowley

‘I have been sewing as a hobby for around eighty years now. Whilst I have focused mostly on dressmaking, I have also done a fair bit of embroidery. I have just finished this, my first needle painting. I absolutely loved working it and am delighted with the result!’

Ann, the years of experience you have with needle and thread have served you well as your first needle painting is rich in character, detail and carefully laid stitches.

Nicola Jarvis via Sonja Sanguinetti

‘I just finished Nicola Jarvis’ project Forbidden Fruit. Once it is framed, I’m donating it to the pain clinic that made it possible for me to get back to the needlework I love. Your magazine and newsletter kept me going through a long struggle with pain and illness.’

Sonja, we love that needle and thread have helped guide you through a difficult season with pain and illness and appreciate that Inspirations was able to play a part in your journey to recovery. 

Susan O’Connor via Susanne Brisach

‘Thought you all might like to see the embroidery that I began on the 2014 river cruise with Susan O’Connor and Hazel Blomkamp. What a wonderful trip that was! We started out in Cambodia with a visit to the amazing Angkor Wat temple and then boarded our wonderful ship for our cruise.

Amazing instructors, Hazel Blomkamp and Susan O’Connor were on board with about 16 students.

Three of us celebrated our birthdays while onboard, including my 70th. We had a wonderful time stitching as well as fascinating excursions.

Upon my return home, the project was put aside for another two years. Then, a year ago, we moved to a wonderful retirement village and I decided I had to finish the beautiful project. I am so very thankful to Susan and Fiona and all those who arranged and participated in the fantastic journey.’

Susanne, we love that you found the time and space to complete the project you began with Susan in 2014. It is a lovely reminder of the time spent with needle and thread along the Mekong River.

We look forward to seeing how your needles and threads have celebrated the work of one of the Beating Around the Bush tutors! Email photos of what you’ve stitched along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inpsirationsstudios.com

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