What Are You Stitching?

1st November 2019

There are times when stitching and gifting go hand in hand as we pour our time and talent into something intended for someone else. This week we’re sharing the work of the Inspirations Community who have done just that – they have plied their trade with needle and thread to the benefit of someone close to them.

Ann Martin

‘Just thought I’d share my latest creation – a Dresden lace quilt. While visiting Fox’s Cottage in Foxton, New Zealand I saw a quilt and just knew I had to make it!’

‘I’ve used 120 5” (12.5cm) squares to make the Dresden Plates and this quilt is a gift for my elderly mother. Many thanks for such an interesting newsletter.’

Ann, your mother will be wrapped in the love you stitched into each of your 120 Dresden Plates! Your quilt is colourful and detailed and will be well used and appreciated by your Mum.

Leigh Hutchinson

‘Elvis the Bassett Hound was a surprise birthday gift for my daughter who owns the puppy. She was thrilled. I so enjoy bringing a modern twist to a traditional technique!’

Leigh, your piece has a colourful, modern twist and you’ve captured the characteristic long ears and expressive eyes of the basset hound perfectly. The work you’ve done with needle and thread is the perfect way to celebrate Elvis and the joy and love a puppy brings!

Marlene Thornton

‘Each week I read with interest what fellow readers are creating and embroidering. I am amazed at the diversity and skill of the creations displayed and thought I would share with you a blanket I recently stitched for a friend’s new granddaughter.’

‘When I discovered my husband’s best friend’s son and wife were expecting their first child I asked if anyone was creating a blanket for the baby. As no one was doing so I offered to embroider a blanket. I asked the grandmother what theme they may like, and she indicated food was their interest. Food was not what I had expected and I wondered how I would create a blanket using this theme.’

‘Days later I read that the wonderful children’s book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ created by Eric Carle was celebrating 50 years since it was first published, and I decided that this was the perfect theme to use!’

‘I used our 47-year-old, much read copy of the book to create the design. I tried to create in silk and wool threads the images that Eric Carle had created 50 years ago using collage. I finished my blanket the night before I traveled to Adelaide and was delighted that the new parents were thrilled to receive it for their new daughter, Elle.’

Marlene, just like the copy of the book you used to create the design, the blanket you’ve fashioned will be well used and loved for years to come. You’ve done a remarkable job of recreating the magic of a simple, yet memorable children’s classic.

Sharon Palermo

‘After completing a Christmas Bouquet ornament by Julie Kniedl, my daughter commented on how much she liked it, but requested some mistletoe instead. Fortunately, I had just received Inspirations issue #100 and now here is my daughter’s Mistletoe Bell!’

Sharon, Inspirations issue #100 arrived at the perfect time so you could create the perfect gift your daughter! Julie’s Mistletoe Bell will be a welcome addition to your daughter’s Christmas decor each and every year.

Have you plied your trade with needle and thread to create something for someone else? We’d love to see it! Email photos of your stitching along with a few details about your journey with needle and thread to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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