What Are You Stitching?

13th September 2019

After enjoying Nicola Jarvis’ project ‘The Starling’ in this week’s issue of All Stitched Up, it was birds we had on our minds! Enjoy the latest flock we uncovered in our What Are You Stitching? files…

Carolyn Fewtrell

‘I thought I would share ‘Falling Leaves’ which is Jenny McWhinney’s hoop bag from A Passion for Needlework.’

‘I was lucky enough to buy the book at Beating Around the Bush 2016 when it was first released, although it has taken me some time to get to it as I had just a few other projects in the way!’

‘The leaves around the side of the bag were done over a few camping trips and one visit to my brother in Germany.’

‘One of the amazing things Jenny puts into her designs is the small details that bring the stitching to life – the owl was lovely to do but when I put in the claws around the branch it really made it complete!

I enjoy the friendship that stitching brings to my life, and the sad, but accomplished feeling when a project is finished, a small sigh, then on to the next project.’

Carolyn, what a picture-perfect version of Jenny’s Falling Leaves! We love that the completed project will not only be well used but is also a lovely reminder of the times you spent stitching whilst camping and visiting your brother in Germany.

Julie Harvey

‘I love any kind of stitching accessories, from boxes, to etuis, to needlecases and scissors pockets. My latest finishes are of this stumpwork needlebook and scissors pocket set. The project was an online class from Marsha Papay Gomola. I also love birds, so these pieces were perfect!’

‘Marsha’s instructions were detailed and easy to follow, so I had no problem creating this addition to my smalls collection. I so love receiving your All Stitched Up! newsletter every Friday, along with your wonderful magazine every quarter. Always so much eye candy to look at and inspire me! I’m hoping to maybe even make it to the Beating Around the Bush needlework convention next year. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do.’

Julie, your pieces are absolutely the perfect addition to your smalls collection – the design, colours and carefully laid stitches are simply gorgeous! It would be our pleasure to host you at Beating Around the Bush next year, so we do hope you make it.

Pat Armour

‘I thought you might like to see my latest bit of stitching. I was asked to stitch something for my friend Paula’s significant birthday. Her favourite bird is the sparrow and as she is a quilter, I made a pillow to sit by her sewing machine that hold pins, scissors, and a pencil.’

‘Her husband had asked for the piece to help with the celebrations. I enjoyed melding a fantasy tree in the Jacobean style with realistic wee birds. I spread out many skeins of floss like a palette, picking the colours as I went along. This was certainly a messy way to work but it was the easiest way to have all the colours at hand.’

‘The first bird was the hardest as I was making it up as I went. By the time I got the third one completed, it was much less intimidating. I did enjoy the project and hope to try some other animals with a similar technique.’

Pat, we loved that you answered the call to contribute to your friend’s significant celebration in such a personal way! The time and talent you poured into the design and stitching proved most fruitful as the finished result will be well used and treasured for years to come.

As our current flock of birds have now flown the coop, if you’ve stitched a fine feathered friend, we’d love to see it! Email photos of the birds you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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