What Are You Stitching?

21st June 2019

Needlework that’s equal parts form and function, who could ask for more?! This week we’re sharing needlework that fits this description perfectly – pieces that not only look the part, but also do a fabulous job of holding whatever’s kept inside…

Biddy Eccles

‘I have never considered myself a great embroiderer, but when asked to stitch for a family member’s wedding that was to be held in Scotland, I put my best into it.’

‘This is the box I made to put her garter in which was also stitched by hand. I embellished the box with crystals and lace. Many thanks for your beautiful magazine.’

Biddy, it would seem you’ve well underestimated your skills as a stitcher! The garter and box will remain treasured keepsakes of a special day for years to come.

Janet Granger

‘This was supposed to be a practical drawstring bag to keep my MP3 player in, but it ended up being rather too embellished to be practical, so I just keep it in my display cabinet of embroidered smalls now instead!’

‘It was designed to feature Islamic architectural motifs, on yellow silk, lined with deep red silk. The wording along the bottom says shlama, which means peace in Aramaic (the language Jesus spoke). I am Universal Sufi and the MP3 player that I keep in the bag stores only teachings and music relevant to my faith, so the phrase is very relevant.’

‘I made the fringe and beaded tassels from beads leftover from other projects. The embroidery itself was stitched using Anchor stranded cotton, and Ophir gold thread from my stash.’

Janet, your project may have ended up leaning a little more toward form rather than function, but the intent was there to create something that was both functional and beautiful – if only everything we used was so thoughtfully designed and created our lives would be so much the richer for it!

Julie Harvey

‘I have recently finished Betsy Morgan’s Gloriana and Edinburgh Etui. Whilst I have taken several classes with Betsy, I was never able to coordinate getting to these classes, so was overjoyed when I saw them published in Inspirations Magazine issue #98 and A Passion for Needlework | Factoria VII! I was especially happy when I was able to buy both kits for the projects from Inspirations as well.’

‘I had a wonderful time stitching them and although the finishing was challenging, I was able to accomplish it with no major mishaps. I absolutely love Inspirations’ publications as there are always so many beautiful projects to choose from. I think my next challenge will be the Reticella Sampler from Factoria VII.’

Julie, you’ve done a beautiful job of recreating Betsy’s etuis and you’ve absolutely mastered the art of finishing! Your needlework tools and accessories couldn’t be housed in a more fitting way. We look forward to seeing the next challenge you’ve set for your needles and threads to complete.

Toody Cassidy

‘I am a founding member of Cape Embroiderers’ Guild (Est 1984) and for a recent AGM competition, we were invited to submit entries for the theme ‘Under the Archway’. I designed this myself and made it up from bits and pieces I found around the house and in my embroidery den.’

‘I awoke one night from a dream and set about making this rather delightful tool kit, with an arch for the handle. I am happy to say that I was awarded third prize in the competition! The skeins of thread come from a collection of my own hand-dyed threads.’

Toody, we love that you interpreted the theme of the competition in such a unique way! Your piece is not only incredibly functional, but also has a lovely sense of colour and whimsy about it.

Have you put your needles and threads to something that is equal parts form and function? We’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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