What Are You Stitching?

22nd June 2018

Sometimes the space we find in our ‘in betweens’ affords us the luxury of being able to catch our breath and wrap up some of the details from where we’ve just been before we get to where we’re going next and this week’s What Are You Stitching? does just that! We’re catching up with some of the stitchers we’ve introduced in past issues of All Stitched Up! to see what else they’ve produced with needle and thread.

Anna Lifson | Newsletter #117

‘I’d like to share what I’ve recently finished hand embroidering:

An angel and some birds…

– and the view from my window.’

Kate Brown | Newsletter #123

‘Having produced more embroidery in the year since Beating Around the Bush than my entire life to date, I have now completed ‘Cow Parsley Meadow’ from the class I did with Jo Butcher at BATB in 2016.’

Françoise Richard | Newsletter #125

‘This is my latest embroidery – a Warhammer Soldier named Chevalier Gris. My son had been a fan of this game for a long time and asked me to embroider it for him. Now I am moving onto Carolyn Pearce’s Strawberry Fayre from Inspirations #95.’

Angela Bishop | Newsletter #126

‘I am originally from NSW, and now live in the UK. I am inspired by my Australian roots for my work as its close to my heart and I miss the colours from home that are not seen in the UK.’

Anna, Kate, Françoise and Angela, catching up with past contributors to What Are You Stitching? is like catching up with old friends and it’s been a pleasure to see what else has been created with your needles and threads. We can’t wait to see what’s next from each of you!

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