What Are You Stitching?

29th March 2019

Although each of the pieces we put our needles and threads to could be considered a labour of love, some of our projects fall into the ‘weekender’ category – you know, those projects you should be able to complete in just a couple of days?! Well, the projects from this week’s What Are You Stitching? are anything but ‘weekenders’ and would absolutely qualify as true labours of love due to the number of hours poured into each one of them!

Andrea Ocello

‘This embroidery was inspired by a Lace Point de Gaze which is part of the Lady Evelyn collection. The linen that I used has 42 threads per cm and dates back to the early Twentieth Century.’

‘The finished piece measures 21 cm (8.5”) in height. The effects of light and shade are created by a careful study of light, followed by a precise distribution of the filling points.’

Andrea, what incredibly precise and detailed stitching and to think it’s been done on such fine linen!

Harry Aldwinckle

‘At the age of 83, I have just finished my latest project. It is an embroidered table cloth of the crests of the RAF Stations that I had served on, or came in contact with, during my 28-year service with the RAF, UK.’

‘The table cloth is Irish linen and is approximately 153cm (60”) in diameter.’

Harry, what an amazing homage to your career in the RAF! We love that you’ve chosen to represent it in stitch. The design is meticulously laid out and stitched. We look forward to seeing what’s next from your needles and threads!

Lois Woollams

‘I promised myself I would tackle a project from each issue of Inspirations. This one took a while and is not quite true to the original as I added my style by using my own silk threads.’

Lois, we know exactly what a labour of love this project was, as we heard from the designer – Victoria Laine – just how many hours she poured into the original! We love that you were able to your own stamp on it and think you should be incredibly proud of the end result. No pressure, but we can’t wait to see what projects you complete from Inspirations #100 & #101!

Have your needles and threads created a true labour of love? We’d love you to share it with us! Email photos of your work along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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