What Are You Stitching?

8th March 2019

Always an ever-popular subject to capture with needle and thread – flowers! This week we share the floral delights that are currently blooming in our What Are You Stitching? files…

I find this style of work extremely interesting as you can express your creative style with such a large variety of stitches.

Jacobean work is usually worked with wool, however with the modern style introducing a large variety of colours, using stranded threads offer a finer texture to this style of work.’

‘This particular piece is worked in DMC Stranded Thread with a large variety of stitches. I find embroidery extremely relaxing and the end result very rewarding.’

Lynn, we love the timeless feel of your Jacobean inspired flower – you’ve been able to combine an historical technique with modern threads simply seamlessly!

Marlene Russo

‘My love of Ribbon Embroidery, Brazilian Embroidery, Appliqué, Beadwork and Crochet keep me very busy and these articles won first prize at my local show.’

‘Your magazine has been my inspiration since the first edition!’

Marlene, we appreciate you including us in your stitching journey all the way from Inspirations #01! Your pieces may be varied in technique but are all united by the glorious blooms featured within the design of each. We look forward to seeing what flowers you next create with needle and thread.

Rhonda Dort

‘Glorious Spring is a small 9” x 12” (22cm x 30cm) project I made as a donation to Ami Simms a few years ago when she was orchestrating the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative.’

‘I’ve always had an interest in vintage linens and my collection increases with each passing week. I created this piece by using many things that were damaged beyond repair for their original use and I feel that I’ve saved the piece by giving it a new purpose to shine. I would love for the hands that originally created these many pieces to know their work lives on!’

‘This particular piece incorporates many small pieces – a lady’s vintage handkerchief, a jonquil from an old table topper, bits and pieces of vintage trims and laces as well as many new items such as sequins, rhinestone buttons and pink and white gingham ribbon to name a few. This particular work took approximately two weeks to stitch from start to finish. It was handed over to Ami as an auction piece to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research, raising almost $250.00.’

Rhonda, we love that you’ve brought new life to old textiles by using them to Stitch it Forward for such a worthy cause! Your piece is detailed, colourful and vibrant.

Now that we’ve picked so many blooms from our stitched garden, we’d love to ‘plant’ some more! If you’ve stitched something we can add to our garden patch, email photos of the flowers you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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