What Are You Stitching?

7th December 2018

Having celebrated the talent of Jenny Adin-Christie in this week’s issue of All Stitched Up!, we thought we’d continue to celebrate the work that has been produced in the UK with needle and thread …

Jane Page

‘I was given this lovely hand carved antique chair frame and have upholstered it and embroidered the seat which was inspired by Hanneke Schoeber’s design Pure Gold from Inspirations Issue #76. It is going to be sold for the Oncology Department of my local hospital as my small way of stitching it forward. I was anxious about not getting the worked cloth on in the right position, so unholstered the chair and then spent many hours kneeling to do the embroidery!’

Jane, what a fabulous way to stitch it forward! You’ve taken a beautiful piece of furniture and poured your time and talent into it to make something truly unique.

Joan Clark

‘I’ve just finished my kookaburra embroidery. I love these birds after seeing some in Katoomba, Australia in 2009. The design has both needle painting and stumpwork, both of which are my favourite techniques.’

Joan, what a lovely way to commemorate your time in Australia! Your stumpwork has added a beautiful sense of dimension to your piece.

Joan Haines

‘It was a dream… I was at the bottom of the ocean, feeling wonderfully relaxed (especially for someone who can’t even swim!) and all around were underwater plants, shells and beautiful fish. I didn’t want to move, but quietly I was drifting upward through the waves and foam until I was on the beach. Before me I saw the golden sand, cliffs and the countryside beyond. My dream was so vivid and beautiful and as I awoke, I knew I had to try and capture it forever!’

‘I started my embroidery at the bottom, as I saw in my dream, and worked upward. I used whatever I could find in my stash. I colour washed a piece of silk for the sand and the shells were sourced from our local beach, each one painstakingly drilled by my lovely husband who is always eager to help if he can. It has been hanging on my wall for quite a while now and whenever I feel the need, I can always return to my wonderful dream. Friday morning is my me time reading your weekly newsletter, always full of interesting articles and stitching, so thank you all at Inspirations.’

Joan, sometimes our dreams are lost forever as we wake and can’t quite recall the details of what passed the night before, but you’ve found the most fabulous way to ensure your dream is captured forever! The eloquent way you described your dream and the way it was interpreted with needle and thread is simply inspirational.

Penelope Williams

‘I have embroidered all my life, with my earliest piece being a small table cloth. When I was 13, I was fortunate enough to have a mistress at school who realised I could embroider and encouraged me to work a small Jacobean design in single thread stranded cotton which ended up becoming a tea cosy. It won a cup for the school and I received a school prize for my work.’

‘Since that time, I have won many prizes, including a 3rd prize in the Royal School of Needlework International Competition. I am always embroidering, in fact when I am not gardening, I am embroidering! I have stitched a design from the archives of the Royal School of Needlework which was stitched in Appleton’s Crewel Wool on 18 count canvas and was then made up by a London shoe maker.’

‘I have also stitched a curtain that I embroidered in pure silk instead of crewel wool, which now hangs proudly above my bed.’

Penelope, the skill of creating with needle and thread that began at such a young age has served you well, as the shoes and curtain you’ve created are simply a sight to behold! They are exquisite in design, workmanship and finishing.

If you hail from the UK – or anywhere for that matter – and are yet to share what you’ve created with needle and thread, what are you waiting for?! Email photos of your stitching along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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