What Are You Stitching?

10th March 2023

What Are You Stitching? is all about themes and techniques this week. Some of us stitch within a specific theme while some prefer a certain technique. Others accidentally discover a re-occurring theme or technique in their work after stitching multiple projects and then look back to realise a pattern forming they never knew they were creating!

Jane Page

‘Thought you would like to see my latest projects – my theme seems to have become East Anglian as I’ve been stitching scenes for some framed pieces and a box lid.’

‘It is such a cold spring here in the UK that I am still indoors stitching rather than in my garden.’

Jane, you were certainly right – we absolutely wanted to see your recent works so thank you for sending them in. These are beautiful pieces and such a tranquil theme to be stitching. Hopefully you can get back to your garden soon!

Margaret Blank

‘My work with needle and thread encompasses several areas: cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting, needle felting, and knitting. This means my studio bookshelves are filled with books and magazines on all of those topics — plus design, composition, colour theory, water-colour, drawing, dyeing fabric and yarn, beading…

In recent months I’ve been culling them a bit, but only when I’m certain I’ll not need to refer to any of them ever again – largely because of a change in style or approach or interest.  

It hasn’t made much of a dent in my collection (!) but it has led me to organise the titles – especially my magazines – for easier access. I’m less inclined to dig out a publication if the sources are hidden in a jumble!’

‘Here is one of my pieces – it combines several of the techniques I mentioned: needle felting, some wet felting, quilting, hand embroidery (French knots and stem stitch), and beading.’

‘It was inspired by a photo I took of ‘Fairy Hydrangea’ in a garden at Clan Donald House in Scotland, which I visited on a tour in 2017 to celebrate my 65th birthday.’  

How lucky you are Margaret to have such a plethora of knowledge right at your fingertips – it’s no wonder you can dabble in so many creative areas. Your needlework is beautiful and the different disciplines you practice really help to add a complexity and depth to your work.

Daphne Sargeant

‘Here is my lockdown project. The apertures are 1 ½ x 2 inches and there is bobbin lace, goldwork and patchwork landscapes. The cross stitch and black work samplers are worked on thirty-six count fabric and the teddy is on forty count gauze.’

‘Earlier this year my husband bought me Jo Butcher’s lovely book ‘Where Meadows & Gardens Grow’ for my 80th birthday so I completed this project with my interpretation of her designs.’

This is a wonderfully creative way to showcase all of your stunning pieces, Daphne. You’ve used so many different techniques and materials and we love all the colours and compositions of each piece, all of which have been so thoughtfully positioned together. 

Have you tried combining techniques for a project? Do you have a theme in mind before you start stitching or does one appear once your projects are complete? 

Whatever you are stitching, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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