What Are You Stitching?

3rd March 2023

Behold What Are You Stitching? fans, this week we have special appearances from Jo Butcher, Laurence Lieblich and even a dragon! Read on to discover more…

Nerys Simpson

‘I bought this design, The Jade Dragon, designed by Colleen Goy of Roseworks Designs, a while ago and the lockdown gave me the ideal opportunity to work it. It wasn’t until I started embroidering the inside of the wing with the cotton perlé that I realised it seemed to be prone to pilling if touched at all afterwards.’

‘Thank goodness I started at the top and worked down the design. But even though I always cover any worked stitches, it still seemed to be fairly sensitive to any touch. However, I am pleased with the finished result. So, some good things came out of lockdown!’

What a result, Nerys! Your stitching is fabulous and the colouring really helps brings out the expression of this fire breathing creature. Such a unique project to pour your time and talent into.

Nola Jones

‘I thought you might like to see my sampler. The Greta Craft Group from Victoria in Australia has been working on designs from the book ‘Where Meadows & Gardens Grow’ by Jo Butcher.’

‘It has resulted in varying designs being worked. We painted the backgrounds and then embroidered them. My work was inspired by a few designs from the book, as you will see, with a few extras worked in. Having not done embroidery for a few years, I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ 

What a lovely way to reintroduce yourself to stitching, Nola. This is a lovely piece and truly in the spirt of Jo Butcher’s belief that ‘everyone’s embroidery will come out slightly differently, interpreted and expressed through our different perspectives, but trust the development.’

Claude Lecerf

‘I just finished a new embroidery created by Laurence Lieblich: a fancy flower.’ 

‘With each new book I read, I always learn something and it’s exciting.’

Claude, another beautifully stitched flower. The yellows and pinks in this piece look magnificent together. Also, we love that you are enjoying broadening your embroidery knowledge.

Have you stitched a dragon? Do you like to do mixed media work? Which designers are you drawn to for inspiration in your work?

Whatever your stitching story, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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