What Are You Stitching?

20th January 2023

Pillows and cushions come in many shapes and sizes fit for many different purposes. What Are You Stitching? this week rounds up the works of stitchers who have thought outside the frame…

Christine Igot

My niece and partner Clotilde and Hamdi were married in France. When she sent out the email announcement, I loved the monogrammed letters her father (my brother-in-law) had designed and I knew right away they would be beautiful embroidered! But what for?’

‘I then thought of a ring pillow to hold the wedding rings during their civil ceremony. 

They were thrilled with the idea and I went to work.

I used fabric paint for the inside of the letters, DMC rayon floss and metallic floss and lots of beads. 

For their names and the date, I used a whipped back stitch (whipped with metallic gold thread). The gold cord on the top right hand will hold the wedding bands. The back of the pillow has a ribbon so it can be held underneath and flat to present the rings.’

‘Then a request came to make a souvenir pillow for Clotilde’s parents. So, using elements of the monogram, I made a smaller pillow for them.’ 

‘And then, of course, I had to make a third one for four-year old Sofia, who was the actual ring bearer at the ceremony. I used rayon floss and beads to finish up this tiny souvenir pillow for her.’

‘All in all, I’m very happy with these past two months of stitching. It was wonderful to create something. And it is a way for me to be present at this wedding of a beloved niece.’

What a wonderful story Christine, your one idea to embroider your brother-in-law’s design became the gift that kept on giving! They are all beautifully designed and stitched. We’re sure each piece will be treasured by their respective custodians for years to come. 

Margaret Fain

‘I purchased a needlepoint kit in the late 1970s from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and worked on it while I was in college. It was one of the first needlepoint kits I ever tried.’

‘My parents liked the finished product so much that the pillow stayed with them on various sofas and chairs until my mother passed in 2019 and it came back to me, 40 years after I first finished it. My husband always turns the pillow when he lies on it, so as not to put any more wear on the stitching.’ 

Wow Margaret, what a well-loved pillow that will surely have many more years of enjoyment to come, especially thanks to your husband’s efforts! 

Louise Hoskins

‘I have completed Maria Elide Melani’s Tuscan Lace from Inspirations issue #103. As I wanted two cushions, I made both from the kit I purchased. I am delighted with the result.’        

‘I have also recently completed Caterina from Inspirations issue #107.  Both techniques were a great challenge. Since retiring 10 years ago, I have enjoyed being able to experience various techniques using Inspirations magazine as a guide as to what to do next.’

Two fantastic projects Louise! It’s wonderful to hear that you find inspiration in our publications, we look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous creations. Well done.

Elizabeth Braun

All Stitched Up! issue #282 asked if we liked and worked stumpwork, or we preferred flat pieces. Well, I like a little of each. One or two raised elements help to set a mostly flatwork off.

‘That’s what I felt worked well with this wedding ring cushion from a few years ago. I adapted one of Helen M Stevens’ luscious wildflower designs from her book ‘Embroidered Flowers’ and added in a yellow brimstone butterfly (the wedding colour scheme was yellow and green) as an eye catcher.’ 

‘I confess that the little clear beads were added to detract from the fact that our old iron decided to spew rusty water all over the piece as I was finishing it off! I got most of it out, but a few spots remained and were hidden by a few judicious dewdrops!’

The raised element on your ring cushion has set it off beautifully Elizabeth. We love that you embraced the faulty iron marks and come up with such a clever solution, the result is charming. We can’t wait to see what you finish next!

Have you stitched something outside the frame? We’d love to see it. Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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