What Are You Stitching?

14th October 2022

In last week’s What Are You Stitching? we started sharing projects from past issues of the magazine that have been completed by the Inspirations Community. We couldn’t fit them all into last week’s issue of the newsletter, so we’re continuing our journey through the projects we have on file this week!

Susan Walling

Here are two of my completed projects which I just loved doing!’

‘Both are putting smiles on the faces of all my fellow stitchers who see them. Thank you for such beautiful kits and a big thank you to the designers for their creative and inspiring designs!’

Susan, you’ve done a beautiful job of recreating two of our most popular projects from recent issues of Inspirations magazine. And you’re right, where would we be without the designers who pour so much creativity and inspiration into their designs?! It’s our privilege to be able to share them through the pages of the magazine and an absolute joy to see them recreated through the needles and threads of the Inspirations Community.

Susan Marasco

‘I love your magazine as well as Sue Spargo’s style, so when I saw this a few years ago, it just had to go on my Stitching To Do List!’ 

‘Once completed, I showed my sister and she said that I had to send it to you!’

‘I had all the supplies on hand, and made just a few changes from Sue’s original.’

Your sister was right Susan, it’s a project definitely worthy of sharing! You’ve created a sewing fold that is equal parts form and function – something that’s bound to be the envy of many a stitcher!

Philippa Todd

‘I thought the Summer Blooms project by Ana Mallah was lovely but decided to amend the design to make vinyl fronted pouches.’

‘The materials supplied when I purchased the kit were so generous that I was able to make three medium sized pouches and two smaller ones and even a little needle case, just big enough to take the needles required for the project!’

‘As you can see, a medium sized pouch holds the embroidery hoop, and the smaller ones contain the threads and tools for my current project which is Tiny Turtle from Inspirations issue #110.

I loved the embroidery design and I hope Ana has no objections to me making clear fronted pouches instead of her lovely bag, pouch and pin cushion.’

Philippa, we’re sure Ana won’t have any objection to what you’ve created with needle and thread! She’ll be thrilled that she inspired you to create something that is both so beautiful and practical. We thought that was a WIP of Tiny Turtle we spied in the pocket! Your pouches have meant that everything for the project is beautifully organised and easily accessible, which will help make the stitching before you that much easier. We look forward to seeing Tiny Turtle when it’s complete.

Patricia Mitchell

We heard from Patricia after she had completed the Embroidered Workbox from Home Sweet Home. Her email simply read,Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed creating the four-seasons home from Carolyn Pearce’s book. Thank you, Mrs Pearce!’

Patricia, your email brought a smile to our faces as it was an incredibly succinct use of words for a project that uses anything but a succinct number of stitches! You’ve taken Home Sweet Home and truly made it your own. You should be proud that you saw such an involved project through to completion. The design, stitching and construction are simply impeccable.

Have you created something from the pages of Inspirations magazine that you’re yet to share with us? Not only do we love to see what you create with needle and thread, but know the designers also love to see their work recreated by the Inspirations Community.

Whether you’ve created a project that’s picture perfect to the original or have adapted it to make it truly your own, we’d really love to see it! Simply email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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