What Are You Stitching?

27th May 2022

Flowers are a natural fit with needlework. There is no end to the different colours, shapes and textures offered up by the world of flowers, so it is little wonder they offer a wealth of inspiration for the needleworker. Here are a selection of floral projects for you to marvel at and we can assure you that there are plenty more where they came from:

Elizabeth Anderson

‘I started stitching over 20 years ago, after a trip to the local craft store where I saw an embroidery kit. I was looking for a new challenge and thought this would be perfect. After a few simple kits, I was hooked. I kept taking on more challenging, difficult patterns and just fell in love with the craft.’ 

‘Life got hard, stressful, and I got side-tracked for a very long time. But then I picked up an issue of Inspirations magazine and found ‘Sweet Hydrangeas’ by Kris Richards and it called to me. I found a linen tablecloth, traced the pattern, and began. I haven’t stopped since.’

We can appreciate how life moves through stages and embroidery either fits in to a stage or it doesn’t. Fortunately, it is always there and, as you have discovered Elizabeth, it waits patiently until you return. We’re so glad you’ve rediscovered your love.

Mrunalini Nimbalkar

‘I wanted to share my first ever dimensional hand embroidery work.’

‘This pattern is my own journey of imagination, inspired by the beautiful work I have seen on the Inspirations website. I chose all of the colours myself and, although I made a few mistakes, I was very pleased with the result.’

‘I have now been asked by family and friends to make several more copies for them. But best of all, I learnt the technique during my Mom’s birthday month, which I felt was a fitting tribute to someone who loved embroidery dearly.’

What a lovely story and a beautiful finish, Mrunalini. Thank you for sharing your fantastic work and we agree that it is a fitting tribute to your dear mother. 

Trang Folliot

‘I would like to share with you two needle paintings that I bought as kits. The kits are from the talented Catherine Laurençon. It is always a pleasure to work on them and I was very pleased when I finished them.’

‘The one below is called Rose and Rosebud. Having a needle and thread in my hand is similar to meditating; I enjoy it tremendously!’

These are both beautiful finishes, Trang. You’ve reproduced Catherine’s designs perfectly. You should be very proud of your work.

Do you love stitching flowers? Are you inspired by the gorgeous colours of the petals, the shapes of the leaves and the variation in texture? Is your house covered in all things floral, and even then you can’t get enough? Or are there other subjects you prefer to stitch?

Whatever it is you like to stitch, we’d like to see it. Send us a picture of your work with a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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